Fairtrade Willow Urns

  • Specifically designed for burial
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Fairtrade
  • Great design


A wonderfully crafted environmentally-friendly and fairtrade cremation urn, we have seen a number of woven designs, we think they are excellent.
Made from willow it comes with a thick cotton bag for the ashes. There are three designs, all in natural weave;
Bluebell (Round Casket 7″ in height by 7″ wide) ,
Crocus (Oval Casket 6″ in height by 9″ wide) or
Fern (Rounded square Casket 6″ in height by 8″ wide).
These urns are ideal for burial at a formal grave site or green burial.
Capacity: approx 3 litres suitable for one set of adult ashes

The willow urns are hand made by a co-operative of cottage industries in Poland. The willow is a deciduous shrub found primarily on moist soil in cold and temperate regions of the Northern hemisphere. Almost all European willows take root very readily from cuttings or even where broken branches lie on the ground.

100% Biodegradable

These beautiful urns are specifically designed for burial, you can feel totally reassured that by placing your loved one’s ashes into the urn and then burying it, it will start to naturally biodegrade allowing the gentle release of ashes back into the soil.

For help with finding a natural burial ground see the Natural Death Centre’s list of natural burial grounds

Urns for Burying.

Urns for Burying. All of our burial urns are made from 100% biodegradable materials, such as recycled paper, or Somerset willow. which make them perfect for burial as they will completely break down over time gently releasing the cremation ashes into the soil.

All of our biodegradable urns will be suitable for woodland burials and many of the urns have won design prizes and hold the highest environmental awards so are also suitable for green burials.

There are a growing number of burial grounds where you can bury ashes, many are located in some stunning countryside settings, some overlook the sea.

Burying ashes in the garden. Some people do just want their ashes buried in the garden but do be aware that if the house has to be sold at any point this can cause families additional stress when selling the property. If the garden is you preferred choice do look at our garden urns, these can be moved if the house has to be sold at any point.

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