Viking Longship Urn XL – The Valkyrie

  • Holds 2 sets of ashes
  • KLARNA Buy Now Pay Later Available
  • For a send off to remember
  • Handmade from sustainable wood, finished to a very high standard
  • With crafted detail – shields, a striped sail and steering oars
  • World exclusive
  • Shipping Worldwide



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The Viking Longboat Urn XL – The Valkyrie

The Viking Longboat Urn XL will give a send off to remember: set upon the water, set adrift and set alight. Then as the fire ebbs away the boat sinks gracefully below the water.

This boat is big. It has the capacity 6.5ltr, it is suitable for carrying two sets of ashes*

Handmade from sustainable wood, finished to a very high standard. With crafted detail – shields, a striped sail and steering oars.

You simply place the cremated ashes in to hull of the boat, put the deck back in place. Then adrift and alight on a large lake or calm sea, we would suggest they are slightly too big for a small river or tarn!

Alternatively they can be buried like the famous boat at Sutton Hoo, in East Anglia.

They come with a stand so you can keep them on display as long as you’d like before the ceremony, or on display permanently if you wish.

They also come with two pegs that go into the hull of the boat, this is to adjust the length of time the boat floats on the water.

The Viking boat XL Dimensions;

The XL Viking boat will comfortably hold 2 full sets of ashes.

  • Length 130cm / 51.25″
  • Height (without stand) 71cm / 28″
  • Height (with stand) 74cm / 29″
  • Width 32cm / 12.5″
  • Hull 14cm / 5.5″
  • Capacity 400 cubic inches / 6.5Ltrs

We also have the Standard and Large sizes available for one set of ashes. Plus, we have The Keepsake Size which can be kept as a lovely memorial item to commemorate the Viking ceremony of your loved one.


We can arrange for a beautiful inscription into the deck of the boat for a small additional charge. We adjust the size of the wording depending on your word choice. Please note; this can add up to a week onto the delivery time.

Viking Ashes Memorial Ring

We do a Viking Ashes Memorial Ring with a classic Viking design of top, so you are able to keep a little of that Viking spirit with you wherever you go.


We ship next day free of charge for UK destinations, for more delivery information please click here

We deliver these boats to across the world at reasonable shipping costs, so when you get to the checkout it will calculate your shipping costs for most countries. If not please contact us and we can confirm this for you.

*Capacity and Choice

We can’t know the amount of ashes you have that is why have produced three sizes, the standard, large and the XL. If the ashes weigh over 2.5kg/ 5lbs then you will fill the standard boat and if the boat is full it will sit lower in the water and then if there is any swell/ waves / turbulence, water can get in and sink the boat quickly. The large boat can handle up to around 5kg /10 lbs in weight. This can handle 6.5Kg / 14lbs.

How does it work

All boats are supplied with instructions, basically the deck is pegged in, the use of lighter gel can be used set it aflame and the hull has pegs which can be removed to ensure faster sinking.

What others say about the Viking Longboat Urn

As Charles Cowling original author of the Good Funeral Guide puts it about the Viking send off: “It is spectacular. The flames rise to the heavens as the wind fills the longboat’s sails and it journeys. There is compelling emotional and spiritual appeal in this imagery, of journeying, transition, transfiguration and consummation. The spirit rises as the craft moves over the face of the waters; that which is earthly is subsumed by the sea. All the elements are present: earth, air, fire, water. And there is an inexorable dynamic.”


“I have to tell you that we had the service of my husband’s ashes done on Lake Superior recently with the Viking Boat Urn.  It was the most beautiful service….calm waters, rose petals from his funeral and wild flowers thrown by people into the water as the Viking Boat Urn burned and sailed.  We had beautiful sailing music.  Waters were very calm….took 33 minutes to go down.  We actually had to start the engine of our boat to circle him so there were waves.  The third wave worked and the Viking Boat Urn went down.  After that had a pink sunset on the water and then the full super moon.  Was an incredible evening and just what he had wanted.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Deb, USA


“I have just received my Longboat Urn, and even though I have not fully unwrapped it yet – I can see it and I am delighted with it – it is stunning and so well made. Really beautiful. I am so thrilled with it. Thank you so very much. Brian will be smiling. I never imagined I would be able to give Brian his final wishes in such a dignified and beautiful way. Thank you so very much. I will keep in touch with your website, With warmest wishes” Alyson, UK

“Thank you so much, my viking ship arrived today, and is very impressive, it is going to be on my sideboard for the next few months.” Lesley, UK

More reviews are at the bottom of the page.

Want to see the Viking Longboat urn in action?

See link for the Viking Boat ceremony we filmed in Somerset. This is a natural process with wood, fire and water so we can’t predict accurately how long the boat will, the amount of fuel used, the weather and turbulence all have an impact. The calmer the water the longer it stays afloat.

Viking Longboat Urn

Additional information

Dimensions130 × 32 × 74 cm



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