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testing water Urns

Testing water urns from a height

The Results: Testing Water Urns

We received lots of question about which urns are appropriate for what locations. Many people choose to scatter ashes at sea and often people think that the want place the ashes directly into deep.

So locations like piers, harbour walls, cliffs and high sided boats present a challenge.

The problem is what urns are suitable? What will happen to the urn and the ashes on impact.

Previously we had recommended the use of a Journey water Urn as we knew they would not break on impact with the water, but we were unsure what would happen to the sand and gelatin urns.

At Scattering Ashes we aim to provide the most information to help you memorialise in the way you wish, so we thought we would test them.

We filled two types of water urn – the In Loving Memory and the Augustus Water Urn  we filled them with a sand and gravel substitute instead of ashes the first with 7lbs (3.1kg) and the second 6lbs (2.7kg). We took the urns to Royal Willam Yard in Plymouth where the sea wall is about 15ft (5m) from the water.

The results are in the video below. In conclusion the test was successful, both submerged instantly and did not resurface, which is inline with what we predicted. The urns did not break on impact.

2 thoughts on “Testing water urns from a height

  1. Reply
    Maggie - 18th November 2018

    I took my friends ashes to sea courtesy of the Royal Navy,the urns had to weigh 8kg

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 19th November 2018

      Thanks Maggie
      That is right that is the Navy’s required weight. It is to do with a desnisity, a stone will sink at any weight Our prime reason for testing was whether they would shatter on impact, which in retrospect we could have worked it out what would happen. But these things are sometimes only obvious in hindsight.

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