Heart Biodegradable Urn for burying ashes

  • Natural heart shaped cremation urn.
  • Different designs: floral, pastel and woodgrain.
  • 100% biodegradable urn


Heart Biodegradable Urn – Biodegradable Natural Burial Urn

Heart Biodegradable Urn. This beautifully simple cremation urn is heart shaped and inlaid with flower petals. There are three types: floral, pastel and woodgrain. This biodegradable urn is designed to be buried in the ground and will naturally biodegrade over time.  There is a matching keepsake urn for discreet storage.

Different Sizes

Standard: Suitable for one set of ashes

  • Capacity 3.28 Litres
  • Dimensions 20cm x 17.1cm x 12.7cm

Medium: Half set of ashes

  • Capacity 1.95 Litres
  • Dimensions 18.4 cmx 15.9 cm x 10.2 cm

Keepsake: Token amount of ashes

  • Capacity 0.49 Litres
  • Dimensions 12cm x 10.8cm x 8.2cm

100% Biodegradable – Heart Urn

This beautiful urn is specifically designed for burial, you can feel totally reassured that by placing your loved one’s ashes into the urn and then burying it, it will start to naturally biodegrade allowing the gentle release of ashes back into the soil.

Can I bury ashes?

The answer is yes but you will need the landowners permission if you don’t own the land yourself. There are a few things you’ll need to consider if you want to bury cremation ashes.

We have a comprehensive article in our Help and Advice Centre about internment of ashes, you can read it here.

Richard has been writing about cremation ashes for over 12 years, here are some of his articles that you may find helpful:

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For help with finding a natural burial ground see the Natural Death Centre’s list of natural burial grounds

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