Tree of Life Tag Pendant

Ashes Jewellery Tree of Life Tag

  • Handmade in the UK: Crafted by skilled local jewellers.
  • Each One Unique: Individually handmade with a distinctive design.
  • 925 Sterling Silver: High-quality, durable, and elegant.
  • Gift Wrapping Available: Beautifully presented in an elegant box.


Tree of Life Tag Pendant – Cremation Ashes Necklace

We are delighted to introduce our exclusive range of beautiful Tree of Life Silver Jewellery Memorial Pendants, which discreetly enclose ashes within the silver charm.

Collaborating with a jeweller here in the UK, we have designed a unique collection of pieces to suit your needs. This handmade Tree of Life Tag pendant offers a perfect way to remember your loved one, with the reassurance that their ashes are securely and discreetly contained inside. Each piece features three unique surfaces, making it tactile and comforting, and the leaves and branches design symbolises renewed life, making every pendant truly unique.

Pendant Specifications:

  • Height: Approximately 2cm (including bail: 0.5cm)
  • Diameter: Approximately 1.4cm
  • Chain: 45.5cm (18″) snake style

Handmade in the UK: Each Tree of Life Tag pendant is meticulously crafted by skilled jewellers in the UK, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. Our collaboration with local artisans allows us to support British craftsmanship while delivering a beautifully made product to our customers.

Each One Unique: Every pendant is individually handmade, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The intricate design of the leaves and branches, symbolising renewed life, ensures that no two pendants are exactly the same. This uniqueness adds a personal touch, creating a special and meaningful keepsake for you and your loved ones.

925 Sterling Silver: Our pendants are made from high-quality 925 Sterling Silver, known for its durability and timeless beauty. The use of sterling silver not only enhances the elegance of the pendant but also ensures it will last for years to come, providing a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Gift Wrapping Available: We offer beautiful gift wrapping services to make your purchase even more special. Whether you are buying the pendant for yourself or as a heartfelt gift for someone else, our elegant gift wrapping ensures it is presented in the most thoughtful and memorable way. The pendant will be delivered in a lovely presentation box, ready to be given as a meaningful and touching gift.

Ordering a Bespoke Silver Pendant

If you choose a silver Tree of Life Tag pendant, you will receive a pack containing everything needed to send a small amount of ashes to our jeweller. We will confirm via email once the ashes have arrived safely. The ashes will then be handcrafted into a beautiful and unique memorial silver pendant, fitted with 925 Sterling Silver fittings and chain. Your pendant will be securely sent to you in an attractive presentation box. The entire process typically takes between 8 to 10 weeks from the receipt of ashes.

Gift Voucher

For urgent requests, consider a gift voucher. We can send a gift voucher in a beautiful card for next day delivery (if ordered before 2pm).

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