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ashes scattering easyjet

Travelling with ashes on an easyJet flight

Carrying ashes on an easyJet flight

Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on an easyJet flight, this is what they say:

Can I take ashes or remains (pet or human) on-board?

10 thoughts on “Travelling with ashes on an easyJet flight

  1. Reply
    Tina Mace - 11th July 2019

    If you take the ashes in your hand luggage, as these considered to be your on-board ‘allowance’ or can they be in addition? Would I have to pay for them as extra luggage?
    I am travelling to Crete with easyJet in September.

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 11th July 2019

      Hi Tina
      They would need to be within your cabin baggage allowance. However I believe you can upgrade your hand luggage with Easyjet to be able to bring two items on board with you.
      Best wishes

  2. Reply
    Angela Hill - 24th June 2019

    Does the death certificate have to be original or can it be a copy

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th June 2019

      Dear Angela
      It is preferable to have the original. However I have never had anyone report to me that they have problems with a copy of a certificate. I am sure you understand I can’t give a definitive answer.
      Kind regards

  3. Reply
    Ann Kerr - 2nd April 2019

    Can you put ashes in the hold with regular luggage?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 2nd April 2019

      As far as we are aware no you can’t. Sorry.

  4. Reply
    John.brown - 9th September 2018

    Hi can some one please help I’m travelling to majorca
    What item can I take ashes on a plane .

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th September 2018

      Hi John
      Many people use these to transport ashes as in-cabin luggage: https://scattering-ashes.co.uk/product-tag/scatter-tubes/

  5. Reply
    Cathy Wotherspoon - 13th May 2017

    Thanks for the info as I had no idea how I could take my sisters ashes with us to Benidorm as the last thing she wanted to do was to get a holiday we had no problem at the airport and the staff were very respectful and made it very easy for us to go through with my sisters wishes

    1. Reply
      Flick - 18th September 2017

      Please could I ask Cathy, what ‘container’ did you have them in? Did it have to be non-metallic?

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