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travelling ashes flybe

Travelling with ashes on an Flybe flight

Flybe – carrying ashes on a Flybe flight

Are you flying and need to take your loved one’s ashes with you?

Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on an Flybe flight, here is what they say:

Ashes are accepted within the aircraft cabin as long as they are in a sealed container that conforms to our cabin baggage size restrictions (55cm x 40cm x 23cm and 10 kilos).  This includes urns and scatter tubes.  The passenger carrying the ashes must produce either a copy of the death certificate or a letter from the funeral director.

Some restrictions do differ for international destinations and therefore we would ask that you check the legal formalities with the embassy or consulate of the particular county that you are travelling from and to before travel.

Please note that ashes being carried from France must have been cremated at least 48 hours before the flight they are being transported on.

What do I need to do now?

  1. Speak to the airline. Let them know whether you want to carry them as hand luggage or in the hold.
  2. Make sure you have the correct documents (a certified copy of the death certificate and the cremation certificate)
  3. Make sure you have the ashes in a suitable container.
  4. Contact the embassy of the country you are travelling to in case they have additional requirements.

Do I need to contact the embassy?

Here is a list of all the embassies in the UK with contact details.

What urn do I need for travelling with ashes?

Scatter Tubes are ideal for carrying the ashes as they are lightweight – ashes can be heavy. You can see our full range here.

2 thoughts on “Travelling with ashes on an Flybe flight

  1. Reply
    Robert Berridge - 13th August 2018

    Hi, I’m taking my Mums ashes to Scotland to scatter on the 28th, I have her death cert, is this all I need, she will be in my hand luggage.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 13th August 2018

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