Repatriation Abroad Ashes Cremated Remains Sending

Repatriation of ashes or sending ashes abroad


Repatriation Abroad Ashes Cremated Remains Sending

Sending ashes abroad or repatriating them can be a difficult problem, few couriers are willing to handle them, mainly due to the fact that they are beyond value to a loved one – so how could you put a price on that? The second issue is the paperwork – every country seems to have a different take on it – the Philippines, for example, treat the ashes the same as they would a body.

The good news is we have teamed up with the UK leading courier service for ashes, specialists who can help every step of the way. They offer a personal and professional service taking care of the bureaucracy and paperwork. And for whom we have received nothing but good reports. The other reason we like them is because they operate a transparent and ethical pricing policy

For example sending a cremation ashes urn of up to 10 Kg (21lbs) can be delivered ‘Door to Door’ UK mainland for £60, Air freighted to EU destinations £175 and the rest of the world from £200 to £350.  Plus Fuel Surcharge and VAT (current UK rate is 20%). Prices can go up a bit for countries with complex procedures and charges.

They are an Associate Members of National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors

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