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travelling with ashes thai

Carrying ashes on a THAI Airways flight

Carrying ashes on a THAI Airways flight

Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  If you intending to take cremation ashes on a THAI Airways flight, this is what they say:

To import cremated human remains into any destinations  is subject to government regulations or restrictions of such home countries. However, some necessary documents are recommended to be attached and please observe the following  procedures:

(1)  The death certificate is not required. However, a copy of the death certificate should be carried by the importer when transporting the cremated human remains in case of security inspection.

(2)  The cremated human remains must be in the container that  can easily be scanned such as cardboard, wood, plastic.

(3)  Thai Airways shall accept cremated human remains as carry-on   baggage or checked baggage as passengers wish.

Thank you THAI Airways for letting us know.

We would also advise that you speak to the embassy for the country of where you are travelling to, to see if there is likely to be any complications at that end.

Also make such you use a non-metallic urn that can be scanned by customs.

Here is our general advice on travelling with ashes, if you cannot physical travel with the ashes you may wish to consider using our courier / repatriation service.

Advice correct as of January 2016


2 thoughts on “Carrying ashes on a THAI Airways flight

  1. Reply
    Nicole Hudson - 18th November 2021

    Am I able to take my fathers ashes to Phuket Thailand, do I need permission from the Thai embassy?
    I will be sure to carry ashes in cardboard tube urn & have cremation certificate

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 19th November 2021

      I don’t think many people seek embassy permission as it can be quite arduous. But obvious we are not a law firm. Kind regards

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