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carrying ashes on singapore airlines

Carrying ashes on a Singapore Airways flight: a victory for Scattering Ashes!

Carrying ashes on a Singapore flight

Travelling with ashes can be tricky, it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption. We contacted Singapore Airlines and found their requirements to be difficult to say the least! They wanted the ashes to carried in a clay pot sealed inside a wooden box. We have been in correspondence with them highlighting this may be an excessive burden for their clients and that other airline companies do not expect this. We have had a small victory (Hooray!) – this is now their approach:

Regarding the carriage of ashes.

Singapore Airlines does allow the carriage of ashes on board our aircraft as long as they accompanied by the original death certificate as well as the original cremation certificate of the deceased person.

Please can you ensure that the urn is properly sealed and packed safely for travel and is carried in either your carry on or checked baggage. We would also like to remind our passengers that your cabin baggage should not exceed a maximum of 7 kilos and the dimensions must be within 115cm (Length + Breadth + Height).

On behalf of the Singapore Airlines may we pass on our condolences and hope our reply assists you with your query.

We hope the above information helps.

Thank you for choosing Singapore Airlines.

5 thoughts on “Carrying ashes on a Singapore Airways flight: a victory for Scattering Ashes!

  1. Reply
    S Snook - 10th July 2017

    We are visiting Australia in October and have already boooked our flights with Singapore air lines
    We have to bring my husband’s brother’s ashes home in December..Will a copy of the cremation and death certificate be sufficient as opposed to the original certificates and can we transport them in a non metallic box as opposed to a wooden box

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 11th July 2017

      This seems okay, the urn would need to be airtight. Sadly we can’t give definitive yes/no answer on behalf of the company, if you wanted greater assurance I would suggest you contact Singapore Airlines directly. Hope it all goes well.

      1. Reply
        S snook - 11th July 2017

        Thank you for your reply.I think I do need to contact Singapore Airlines to be accurate .
        S Snook

  2. Reply
    Merlin - 14th April 2017

    Please can you say if there are any updates on carrying of Ashes on any or all Airlines ?
    Many Thanks

    1. Reply
      Richard - 18th April 2017

      Thanks for the response. We periodically review the policy of the airlines, however due to the number this is infrequent. We of course update if we are informed of any changes.

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