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ashes on a Ryanair flight

Carrying ashes on a Ryanair flight

Carrying ashes on a Ryanair flight

Travelling with ashes can be tricky it is best to get thing right from the start, so that you experience the minimum disruption.  So if you intending to take cremation ashes on a Ryanair flight, this is what they say:

The ashes must be carried in a container with a screw-top lid, however after calling Ryan Air they have confirmed that as long as the container is sealed and that you have the correct documentation a scatter tube, well packed, is suitable for travelling with ashes.

39 thoughts on “Carrying ashes on a Ryanair flight

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    Andrea Jetten - 10th May 2024


    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 13th May 2024

      Hi Andrea.
      I do not think it is necessary, however this is only our advice.
      Kind regards

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    V - 26th May 2022

    I just spoke to Ryanair and yes, definitely don’t know what a scattering tube is which I would think is more frequently used for transporting ashes these days. I was told to tape around the tube where the lid meets the box and wrap it up securely and reminded of the paperwork. Well, will give it a go.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 27th May 2022

      Hi Veronika
      Yes the tube will work, it seems to depend on who you speak to, well done for getting through to a real person, you are are the minority. Personally, I don’t think tape is necessary given how they work but better safe than sorry. If it was me I would use a pressure sensitive tape so it can be peeled off afterwards with impacting the printing.

      1. Reply
        Dora - 17th January 2023

        hi, a question: I’m travelling from Germany to UK and they want to put the ashes in metal urn. is that allowed to be metal material ? Doenst that have go be plastic or biodegradable urn ?

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 18th January 2023

          Metal can’t be scanned by the X-ray machine ad therefore they would need to open it to check. Which is no desirable for anyone.

    2. Reply
      Brigitte - 2nd September 2022

      Hi can you confirm that a scatter tube ,well sealed,is OK for transportation of ashes on RyanAir.
      We have to take my parents ashes back to Ireland in a couple of weeks

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 5th September 2022

        Yes I am sure that will be fine. That is what most people use.

    3. Reply
      Jay - 27th July 2023

      Ryan Air has declined allowing scatter tube to be carried on their Flights

  3. Reply
    Orsi - 12th May 2021

    My funeral director does not provide non-metallic screw top lid container for ashes. They give the card board or plastic boxes/containers. I asked for plastic one. If I tape it around, should be fine, right? Or must buy a scatter tube, pour over and tape that?
    Anyway, does anyone check if am I with ashes during departure if it hides in my backpack?
    It does not seem helpful calling Ryanair customer service…

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 13th May 2021

      Yes that should be fine either a screw top plastic or scatter tube. Do people check luggage – yes they do occasionally. Better to be safe than sorry I always think

  4. Reply
    Vicky Enne - 6th July 2020

    I am due to fly Ryanair with ashes this Saturday. I’ve just picked them up and they didn’t come in a screw top poly urn as I had assumed. They are inside a sealed clear plastic bag which is inside a cardboard box with inner and outer lid. If I tape the outer lid shut and wrap in something like a towel do you think that would be considered well packed? Or I also have a scatter tube so I could transfer to that, I had originally intended to do that at my destination.
    If it would not be ok, is there anywhere I could buy a screw top poly urn at short notice?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 7th July 2020

      Dear Vicky

      I would use the scatter tube. These seem to be accepted across the airline companies.

      Kind regards

      1. Reply
        Rowan - 28th March 2022

        Did you manage to carry your cremated ashes onto a ryanair flight in the scatter tube? I need to do this but i cant speak to a human from ryanair only bots that dont understand my getting very frustrated
        Thankyou for any advice

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 29th March 2022

          As far as am aware Scatter Tubes are perfectly acceptable on Ryan Air

  5. Reply
    Z - 14th February 2020

    Strongly suggest you have a Live Chat with Ryanair before taking scatter tube. I’ve had two today. First it seemed I needed to put the whole tube unbroken into a screw top jar. Impossible to find that size. Second chat clarified it’s ok to TRANSFER from the sealed scatter tube into a screw top unbreakable plastic jar. The screw top bit seems essential – which a S’tube of course is not. I’m taking all the documentation and a chat transcript just to be sure – don’t want surprises. Will take the tube with me to put the ashes back in at the other end for the memorial ceremony as it looks pretty. Thanks for the info.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 17th February 2020

      Hi thank you so much for sharing this, this is new and not the experience of people who have flown with them. I suspect it is online chat operatives cutting and pasting from a script. But still this is information is will cause stress and concern. We could source the plastic urns they are referring to if needs be. Thanks again. Richard

      1. Reply
        Celia - 23rd August 2022

        I’m looking to take my mum and dad’s ashes to Cork. Flying with Ryan Air I have all the paperwork and scatter tubes

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 26th August 2022

          That sounds like you are all sorted then Celia

    2. Reply
      Milda - 8th January 2022

      Is there any fee for urns with Ryanair?

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 11th January 2022

        Not that I am aware

  6. Reply
    C ball - 24th January 2020

    my husband passed last march im going to malta march i want to take small ammount of ashes to be with me will not be scattering just want to have some of him with me first time traveled abroad with out him as long secure safe in my handbag will this do only small ammount thankyou

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 27th January 2020

      Hello, That should be fine. I would make sure you have them is a sealed non metallic container and the right paperwork.

  7. Reply
    Dianne Waring - 25th September 2019

    Travelling with my husbands ashes (in a sealed scatter tube) next month with Ryan Air to Alicante do you know of any thing else we will need apart from letter from funeral directors (cremation certificate) and death certificate. Thanks for your help.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 27th September 2019

      That should be absolutely fine Dianne.

  8. Reply
    Lisa - 19th September 2019

    What is meant by’well packed’? I want to take my father’s ashes to Ireland to scatter and intend to use a scatter tube.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th September 2019

      Scatter tube is fine. Basically – if the container collided with something in the overhead locker would the contents spill?

  9. Reply
    Michelle - 15th August 2019

    Hi, I was hoping to take a small amount of a loved ones ashes from Glasgow to Alicante, do I need certain documentation? thanks

    1. Reply
      Hannah - 16th August 2019

      Hi Michelle
      We would advise checking with Ryanair directly. Though in the past we have found taking a copy of the cremation certificate and death certificate tends to be enough.

    2. Reply
      Julie Amery - 15th July 2020

      Hi, my mum is travelling with my dad’s ashes. The company gave a metallic urn by mistake, so I bought a pottery urn and the ashes are in a plastic zip-lock. I’ve sealed the lid and it’s in a box. I don’t have a scatter tube, we weren’t given one. I do have all the proper documentation. Do you think this will be ok?

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 15th July 2020

        Could you remove the bag if needs be? This is the best advise on paperwork – Travelling with ashes

  10. Reply
    Lorraine - 14th January 2019

    Can a sealed wooden urn be taken on a Ryanair flight to Northern Ireland with the correct documents ?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 15th January 2019

      Dear Lorraine
      We are of the opinion that it would be acceptable and we think it be acceptable, however we are not Ryan Air and thus can’t give 100% guarantee. I would say that if the urn is secured, have you got anyway of open the urn if there is an issue?

      1. Reply
        KML - 7th October 2023

        Just spoke directly to Ryanair both on chat and by phone with exactly this situation except with a wooden box instead of an urn. It is obviously solidly built and I have the documents from the funeral director.

        To be quite frank the customer service agents could barely speak English and didn’t even know their own terms.
        The first agent on chat copy pasted the page I had already looked at and was then evasive. When pushed he said it had to be exactly as stated in the terms but to be honest I think these people are so badly trained that they cannot deviate from a script at all.
        The second agent on the phone consulted his supervisor and also had no idea what I was talking about and again referred to the ashes having to packaged “exactly as described in the terms”. So again a robot refusing to deviate from the script.

        I think I may just chance it anyway because none of the other airlines have such an oddly specific stipulation about screw tops which none of the containers my father’s funeral director have.

        1. Reply
          Richard Martin - 9th October 2023

          I would it seems super strange – and no one has written on this pages to say they have been dreadful.

  11. Reply
    GSanders - 15th November 2018

    Thank you for the webpage and advice, first time for us. Did not know what a scatter tube was and seems Ryanair staff do not know either.
    Your page was helpful as we plan to fly to transfer ashes. Bought a scatter tube. Just to be sure it is OK to fly with it contacted Ryanair today using Ryanair online chat and was given the response of a copy of Ryanair terms which states a container must be, ‘screw top’.
    Pointed out a scatter tube is not a screw top the response was, ”so.” The conversation ended both confused.
    Second try – contacted RyanAir Twitter help who too replied with the Ryanair terms which says container must be, ‘screw top’. They could not answer if a scatter tube is OK for flight.
    Third try – Telephone Ryanair 13p a min and had to explain what a scatter tube is (none screw top) and the call handler said it would be OK as long as it is securely packaged. You knew…thanks.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 16th November 2018

      Oh that is good. Yes unfortunately many call centres draw a blank when asked the question – I am glad you finally got the confirmation.
      Kind regards

  12. Reply
    Angela Drugan - 11th August 2017

    My husband died on the 2nd July this year, but we haven’t had cause of death yet, he was cremated on the 17th July. However we would like to take his ashes to Ireland in Sept 2017, and we have interim death certs, can we travel with the ashes hand luggage. Thank you. A D.

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 14th August 2017

      Hi Angela
      I am sorry to hear this. We would advise always speaking to the airline before travelling. You can contact Ryanair directly by calling 0871 246 0000.
      Best wishes

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