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Traditional Indian Hindu Sikh Cremation Urn

  • Traditional Design
  • Handmade
  • Authentically Made in India
  • Fired Clay
  • Authentic Hindu/Sikh Urn for Water Ceremony

Holy Water from the Ganges River

Add Holy Water; Gangajal – water from the holy Ganges River


Traditional Indian Hindu Sikh Cremation Urn

A traditional Indian Fired Clay Urn. These urns are made in India to a traditional design creating a pot from fired clay.

For members of Hindu and Sikh Communities living in this country who wish to commemorate their loved one in the sea around the UK, we are now able to provide an urn that would have been traditionally used back in the Sub-continent.

Designed to hold the ashes of one person.

They are non polluting and suitable to be used in deeper and faster flowing water as they will not dissolve like our standard Hindu Urn, they will instead break down over the course of time and they will not harm aquatic life in anyway. These may not be suitable for for many river locations. The other advantage is that as, they contain no holes, they can be used in conjunction with Holy Water from the Ganges, so the ashes can be washed in the holy water.

This can be purchased as a Traditional Hindu/Sikh water ceremony set.


Height – 23cm,

Diameter – 22cm

Volume – 3.5 litres / 240 cubic inches

If you would like to ensure your privacy whilst scattering on water why not hire a boat? We can recommend boats throughout the nation who can carry out a water ceremony in privacy and complete dignity.


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