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handmade jewellery

Handmade Jewellery Made in Devon

Handmade Jewellery Made in Devon

Handmade Jewellery Made in Devon. We’ve found another amazing jeweller right here in Devon. Fee has been making fantastic jewellery for years and has now started working on an exclusive range for us here at Scattering Ashes. Not only does she make beautiful jewellery but she also teaches jewellery making too so she really knows her stuff!

Fee can make designs in Silver and Gold, she can also set ashes into coloured stones that can then be set into rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, lockets, bangles, key-fobs, earrings…the list is as long as your imagination!

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The process

If you have a design that you’d like Fee to make all you need to do is send us an enquiry by filling in the form below. We will then contact you to discuss your design requirements. Photos or drawings of exactly what you have in mind are really helpful. Fee will prepare a technical drawing and a price. If you are happy to proceed we will take payment and send you a pack that everything you need to send a small amount of ashes to Fee so that she can make your design.

Time frame for Handmade Jewellery

Depending on the complexity of the design and whether you choose to have the piece hallmarked the process can take between 6 to 12 weeks. Your unique bespoke memorial jewellery is then packaged and returned to you in an elegant presentation box.

Personalised Handmade Jewellery

As each piece of jewellery is made to your specific request it will be completely unique, bespoke and personal. You can also have it engraved for a small additional charge and, or gift wrapped.

Just fill in the form below and we’ll get straight back to you:

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up-cycled jewellery

Up-cycled Jewellery – Meet Your Maker Series

Up-cycled Jewellery

Up-cycled Jewellery. We are really lucky to live in a place where there are so many talented makers. From jewellers to carpenters, to wood-turners to glass makers…and they’re all really lovely people too.  People who really care about what they do and how they do it. Lots of people say they care, but I’ve seen these in action and they really do! Which is exactly why they make such wonderful works of art!

Customers often say that they ‘would have loved to do something special with the ashes’ but either they no longer or never had the ashes. So I spoke to our wonderful jeweller Pete and not only can he work with our glassmaker to make memorial jewellery with ashes, he can also turn your grandma’s broach, dad’s ring, aunt’s necklace into something more contemporary that suits you. Something you can wear everyday rather than just take out now and again to look at. He has made lots of wedding rings that incorporate another ring, such as an old wedding ring, such a lovely way to remember.

So I took him a collection of my silver ‘heirloom’ pieces and asked him to make me a bangle that I could wear more often.  And he has made me a stunning Silver Bangle that I love!

He took some photos of the process so that you can see what he does.

jewellery handmade in britain
Step 2 Heating the heirloom jewellery
jewellery handmade in Britain
Step 2 Getting hotter
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 3 Jewellery fuses
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 4 New silver cools ready to be worked
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 4 Silver flattened
jewellery handmade in britain
Step 6 – Flattened Silver soldered and worked into bangle

If you would like to know about getting your heirloom jewellery out of the drawer on to you please just fill in the form and we’ll put you in touch with Pete.

For more information about ashes into jewellery click here.

For more information about ashes into glass jewellery click here.

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Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery

We want you to be able to cherish your loved one so we have worked with artists and suppliers to offer you something that you can wear every day or on special occasions. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to put your loved one’s ashes into jewellery. If you have an idea or know someone who is doing something amazing let us know.

There are a few ways to put ashes into jewellery I will explain how they work and the benefits of each type.

Hollow Cremation Jewellery

Hollow cremation jewellery is the perfect option if you want to keep the ashes with you. You can have Silver or Vermeil gold (gold-plated) hollow cremation jewellery. Charm of the bracelet or pendant is hollow with a screw fitting so that you can place a small amount of ashes inside. They come with a kit so that you can glue the screw in place once you have put the ashes inside. This means that you can transfer the ashes safely at home yourself. If you are struggling to do this, it can be emotional, we can do this for you.

We have a range of hollow pendants and bracelets that you can choose. We have just added vermeil gold pendants to this range.

Ashes to Glass Jewellery

If you choose to place ashes to glass jewellery we will send you an pack with everything you need to send ashes securely to our jewellers. We will need a teaspoon of ashes for each piece. As soon as we receive the pack we will let you know that it has arrived safely.

The ashes are then made into a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. All of our jewellers have been hand selected for their ability to make stunning memorial pieces and that they understand the importance of what they do. Our artists have all experienced loss and are committed to ensuring that your loss is treated with the utmost respect and care that it deserves.


Click here for more information about ashes to glass jewellery.

Especially for You or Bespoke Jewellery

We have some talented jewellers who will hand make a piece of bespoke jewellery. People often speak to us and say that they would like a piece of memorial jewellery but no longer have the ashes. If you have items of jewellery of your loved one our jeweller use these to create something that suits your style and that you can wear everyday. For more information contact us here.

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ashes in jewellery

The Facebook generation has no problem with the ashes of a former spouse

You may think that the urn or cremation jewellery of a former spouse may freak-out prospective new partners, and they would want the widow or widower to removal all traces of a former partner. Not so.

Respondents on Facebook survey conducted by OneWorld Memorials shows just the opposite in fact.

In their survey: Love in the Time of Cremation Urns

They posed the following question on Facebook:

“If you were in a relationship with someone and discovered they had the remains of their former spouse in their house or in jewellery they wore, would you:

a) Break off the relationship?
b) Ask them to get rid of the jewelry, keepsake or urn?
c) Not sure how you would react, but would be disturbed?
d) You wouldn’t be bothered by it ”

The result – almost everyone didn’t care (96%). I have attached a link to their splendid info graphic.

“This came as a shock.” said Ira Woods, the President of OneWorld Memorials. “I was convinced that someone in a relationship with a widow or widower would be very unhappy about their new love wearing a necklace filled with the deceased spouse’s cremation ashes or having an urn prominent in the house. But in fact people overwhelmingly expressed the opposite. Many found this behaviour to be a show of good character.”

Well done, for a good bit of insight. However, being the ever vigilant data nerd I will add a few caveats before all you that find yourself in this boat start dangling the pendant at the first date, content in the knowledge that acceptance is almost guaranteed.

  • The article did not give number of respondents
  • Those going to the page would be more comfortable with this subject anyway
  • The Facebook demographic coupled with the subject would be unlikely to give a true cross-section of society

That said, nice survey and a positive result.

The original source:

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bespoke ashes jewellery

Cremation Bead Bracelet

Cremation Bead Bracelet

We’d just thought we would share this with you, our extremely talented glassmakers have worked with our talented jeweller and have created this wonderful memorial piece.  Our customer saw the pandora style charm beads and asked if we could create a bracelet with her loved one’s ashes.

Once the beads had been handmade they were taken to our jeweller who then worked in sterling silver to gradually build up the links to create this stunning piece.  The photograph does not really do the item justice as it is absolutely gorgeous.  And all handmade here in Devon.

If you are thinking about having something completely bespoke made and have an idea of what you might like then get in touch and we will help you create a custom made heirloom piece, a wonderful investment.


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cremation christmas sympathy gift

Christmas Sympathy Gift Ideas

Christmas Sympathy Gifts

We know that Christmas is one of the most difficult times of the year for those of us who are grieving the loss of someone that we love. Whilst it is so good to be with friends and family at this very special time of the year it will bring into the sharpest focus the deep loss of our loved one.

Make sure you try to take some time to give these feelings to space to be felt, there are lots of organisations who are there should you want to contact someone (see the links below).  You may simply prefer to take a long country walk, or look through a photo album, or share some memories with friends or family. You will know what you need to do, but just try to make sure you do it.

Sympathy Gifts at Christmas

It can be helpful to show someone who has lost a loved one that you remember their loss, a small sympathy gift at Christmas will show them that you know that Christmas is not easy, that you have not forgotten the grief they are experiencing, that you are still there for them for as long as they need you.

We have some really beautiful cremation jewellery pieces that would make a perfect gift this Christmas, from ashes into glass pandora style charm beads to solid silver necklaces that come with an easy-to-use kit so you can transfer the ashes at home.  All our cremation jewellery will ensure that you can keep a small amount of ashes with you whenever to need to, whether that is every day or simply on occasions when you need them close by.

Ashes into Glass

We have a range of ashes into glass jewellery items that are still available for delivery before Christmas. If you order now we will send you one of our ashes packs that have everything you need to send a small amount of your loved ones ashes (about a teaspoon per item) safely to us, as long as we get these in time we can ensure that your jewellery is sent back to you in plenty of time for Christmas. Our Pandora style charm beads make excellent gifts and come in a range of colours and finishes.

Solid Silver Cremation Jewellery

We have a range of solid silver cremation pendants that come with a kit so that you put the ashes into the hollow pendants and look really stunning. They are completely discreet, you can tell people that they contain ashes or you can wear it knowing that nobody will be able to tell what’s inside. We have a plain range which includes a heart, a heart with footprints, a teardrop, a mini-teardrop, a round, a cross and a cylinder, the cylinder is popular for men. We also have an etched range with a heart and cylinder.

We also have a gorgeous sweetie style charm bracelet, we pair it with either our round or heart charm but you can choose from any of the pendants or even one of the charms from our new pet range at the My Pets Ashes site.

We will send all the silver cremation jewellery listed above as next day items completely FREE of charge right up until our closing date.

Bereavement Help at Christmas

Bereavement Advice Centre – helping someone who is grieving

The Compassionate Friends – run by parents who have lost a child for parents who have lost a child

Cruse – telephone support manned over Christmas

For more general help on bereavement please see our advice page.


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memorial jewlery find shop

Be minded of Aladdin’s Cave

You would be surprised how many stories there are about cremated remains ending up in charity shops, the normal circumstances are that a house clearance is organised by someone living away and no one checking or realising that a loved one’s ashes were in the wardrobe, these issues a are usually swiftly sorted. However this is a slightly different twist.

A ladies bought a silver locket from a thrift store (known as Charity shops in the UK) located in Vermont in the US. When she got the locket home and opened it she was mildly surprised to find it the jewellery contained cremated remains.

She returned the locket to the shop. Merilyn Bourne from the organisation that runs the shop said “This sort of event has never occurred before,” and they were stumped as to know how to find the donor as the donation could have been months ago.

Listen Community Services (the organisation that runs the shop) posted the following on its Facebook page: “We are trying to locate the original owner of this locket that was accidentally donated to LISTEN. This locket contains the ashes of a loved one, and we would really like to return it to its rightful owner. If you have any information, call our central office at (603)448-4553 and ask to speak with Merilyn. Help spread the word by sharing this post!”

Bourne hopes that the power of Facebook will help them locate the lockets elusive owner.

Bourne says that so far, three or four people have contacted them claiming the locket is theirs, but because anyone could describe the locket from the news and Facebook, she has not returned the locket to anyone yet, but she is hopeful that she will locate the rightful owner.

I am not sure which is most sad, someone giving away jewellery containing the ashes of a loved one or a random stranger pretending it is theirs! Funny old world.
Original story

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Handmade bespoke jewellery

Bespoke Memorial Jewellery

Bespoke Memorial Jewellery

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Bespoke Memorial Jewellery. Do you have an idea of what type of memorial jewellery you want but can’t find it anywhere?  We’ve teamed up with one of Devon’s leading jewellers and he is working with our amazing glassworks to create completely unique works of art for you to wear and keep your loved one with you.

You can have your loved one’s ashes put into glass [please note we are unable to make small or faceted glass stones] in a colour you choose and then have that incorporated into the design or you can ‘upcycle’ your gold or silver heirloom jewellery into something that suits your style.

Prices start at around £175 and increase with the type of metal and stones used as well as the time taken to complete the design.

Unique Memorial Glass and Silver Jewellery Handmade in Dartmoor, Devon

For more information simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch:

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Use your loved one's jewellery to make something totally unique that you can wear everyday.

Heirloom Jewellery: what to do with Grandma’s Ring

Heirloom Jewellery: what to do with Grandma’s Ring.

We are often asked if we know a jeweller who can take the precious metals and stones from a piece of jewellery left to that person and turn it into something that they can wear every day. You really loved that person and you treasure the thought but you would like something that also works with the rest of your jewellery or want it incorporated into a wedding ring…

We’ve been searching for a long time and have finally found someone here on our doorstep in Dartmoor, Devon. An amazing jeweller who specialises in making stunning contemporary design from heirloom jewellery.  Perhaps you have been left a very special ring or pair of ear-rings and you want to wear them as they are so special but they don’t really work with your other jewellery… Our jeweller can design you something using the precious metals and stones from your jewellery to create a unique piece of memorial jewellery that you are happy to wear everyday.

Many people find the creative process of designing something truly unique and meaningful a very cathartic and helpful process in dealing with their bereavement of their loved one.

Here are some pictures of the type of things he does but if you want more information please fill in the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.

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Use your loved one's jewellery to make something totally unique that you can wear everyday.
Use your loved one’s jewellery to make something totally unique that you can wear everyday.
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cremation ashes diamond

They are fighting it out over cremation ashes memorial diamonds

cremation ashes diamond

There is no love lost in the Memorial Diamond world with claim and counter claim who is real? Are the Russian ones fake? Who is a ripping you off? So as a consumer you get to feel a bit unsure – what is real and what is not, who are the good guys and who can you trust with your ashes.

Well I prefer to say what we think is a good idea rather than trying to discredit others. We recommend Phoenix Diamonds, why? Well a number of reasons:

  • We know the chap that runs the business, he is honest fair and direct.
  • We know they are the real McCoy (which is definitely not say the others aren’t)
  • Whilst not cheap they are good value, starting at around three and half thousand for a half karat canary
  • They are made in the UK and we like things to be ‘locally’ sourced whether possible

We don’t sell them directly on the site we signpost you there Phoenix Memorial Diamonds

We can offer you a £100 off voucher. Just click on Memorial Diamond Voucher, which again is a genuine offer.

If you need we can also arrange to have the cremation ashes diamond set into jewellery too.

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diamond memorial jewellery

Ashes into Diamonds, UK made Memorial Diamond

Memorial diamonds can be made from the carbon in cremation ashes and hair, they are created by using extremely high heat and huge pressures over a period of time. Both ashes and hair contain a small amount of carbon which is turned into a diamond.  The carbon then forms a pure diamond crystal which is cut and polished just as mined diamonds have been for centuries. We recommend the ‘Brilliant Cut’ which has 58 facets and gives the very best sparkle. The raw crystal colour is not altered in any way and ranges from Canary yellow to shades of blue. You should expect to pay £3,250  for a ½ carat Canary and Free-Range Blues are £12,950 (max’ weight 0.75/0.8).  Call 0870 881 0612 or go to  Phoenix Diamonds

The second company we have found that also make real diamonds is Life Gem an American based company operating widely in the UK. They are more expensive with ½ carets starting at £4,995. The company makes the diamonds in the United States and uses a slightly different process, again it is all done with heat and pressure. Several ounces of the cremation ash are heated to a very high temperature which then leaves only the carbon. This is then heated under very high temperatures until it turns to graphite. The graphite is placed in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. This is put under a very temperature and pressure over a period of a few weeks until a rough diamond crystal has grown. This is then cut to produce the sparkle. For more details go to Life Gem

We feel able to recommend Phoenix Memorial Diamonds and to celebrate this ‘Phoenix’ are giving an exclusive offer to visitors of Scattering Ashes.

A One Hundred Pound Voucher (£100) redeemable against purchase of any of their Memorial Diamonds. To receive the voucher, simply fill in the contact form with your details including your address and we will pop a voucher in the post.

ashes into diamond voucher
Memorial ashes diamond voucher

Ashes into Diamonds, UK made Memorial Diamond

To receive a GENUINE  £100 voucher, fill in the following. We will only share this information with Phoenix Diamonds.

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Would you like us to post or email the voucher?

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memorial jewellery

Funeral Rings – an old British Tradition

Memorial jewellery is not a new idea, the tradition appears to date back to the medieval times. I found this little piece in my beloved BBC History magazine, the brief article said that ‘Mourning rings’ popular principally in England became more commonplace in the 16th century and lasted into the early 1900s.

This is not quite the same as our memorial jewellery, where a little bit of a loved ones ashes either goes into a hollow piece of jewellery or incorporated into glass. These were engraved with a loved ones names or motto etc . It says: “While the very poorest could not afford them, relatively modest individuals would at least try to leave money for rings for close family members. Everyone attending the funeral of a rich person might get a ring.”

What I found odd was the designs. Often they did not contain a stone; although jet became popular in the Victorian time (why were the Victorian’s so inclined toward the Gothic? – maybe a blog for another day…thinking about that why were the Goths associated things dark and sinister?). However it said that designs included skull and crossbones – Ahoy M’hearty’s! By a little quirk I happened to come across a display of them in the British Museum – hence my poor quality photo above.

Anyway as with many traditions the First World War put pay to it, the enormity of loss made such gestures seem a bit indulgent. Apparently they made a brief resurgence in the US with Bakelite rings that contained a photo of the loved one. Nice.

What the article didn’t seem to consider is that as society going back towards this sort of memorialisation and that this tradition is coming back although in a different way with keepsake jewellery containing ashes of a loved from pendants and bracelets to cufflinks and memorial rings.

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Putting ashes into Keepsake Jewellery: how a glass charm beads are made


Keepsake jewelery
Charm Bead Keepsake Jewellery

The process is known as lampworking, a glass rod is heated to a molten state using propane torch. The molten glass is then wound around the mandrel (thin dowel used to manipulate the bead) the ashes are then introduced to the glass when it is in it molten state. The mandrel is spun by hand to shape the bead.

Once this is done and the charm bead is no longer in its molten state the bead is placed in a kiln. The kiln is left to cool slowly, the mandrel is removed and the hole is smooth with a reamer.

There you go – one beautiful memorial charm bead!

Memorial jewlery charm bracelet
Making memorial charm bracelet










Answers to other question you may have:

Only a very small amount of ash is needed to make the memorial jewellery usually less than a teaspoon then all remaining ash will be returned after the process.

Once the order is placed you will be sent a pack in which to place some of the cremation ashes. For return the ashes we advise registered post – for peace of mind.

Once in possession the jewellers go to the utmost lengths to ensure your ashes are kept safely – they will respect the ashes of your loved one.

Orders generally take between 6 to 8 weeks from when the ashes are returned.

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Keepsake and memorial jewellery – the choice is yours


It seems many of want to scatter the ashes of a loved one, but there are many of us that don’t want to be separated from entirely, one option is keeping a small amount in a piece of jewellery. This way you will always have a small keepsake with you.

Memorial jewellery now covers a wide range of items: lockets, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charm bracelets, rings, earrings, or even cufflinks.

Generally the ashes are contained in on of two ways – ashes contained in a hollow container that is shaped into a locket, cross or similar. The second type is where the ashes are blown into glass whilst making the item which is them polished and or cut and set into a piece of jewellery silver or gold.

One range that we really like is a Pandora style charm, which can be attached to a normal charm bracelet. Made in a range of colours.

Go to our jewellery page – Memorial Jewellery

Charm Bracelet: Keepsake Memorial Jewellery

New range of keepsake cremation jewellery: beautiful range of Pandora style charm bracelet beads, this keepsake jewellery will contain a smalls amount of your loved ones cremation ashes.

These memorial beads incorporate a small amount of ash that adds to the beauty of the design.

All these beads and charms are compatible with most major bracelet brands, such as Pandora and Troll bead, Chamilia and Biag.

The cost includes a solid wooden keepsake box and a certificate of Authenticity.

Colours: Blue, Aqua, Lilac, Green, Cranberry

Keepsake Pandora Style Silver memorial charm bracelet

This beautiful keepsake pandora style memorial charm bracelet has seven silver charms and a magnetic barrel clasp.

charms from left to right:

  • Bible charm,
  • hammered spacer charm bead,
  • Dangle Heart charm bead set with a pink gemstone,
  • hammered spacer charm bead,
  • winged heart charm bead,
  • angel charm bead; and another hammered spacer charm bead.

The keepsake ashes charm : The Dangle Heart charm will contain your loved ones ashes and you can have the option of gemstones from Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet, Pink or Clear  (just specfiy perferences in Paypal

Cost: £250

All the keepsake pandora style glass jewellery cremation beads can fit this bracelet.


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cremation memorial jewellery

Remembrance Jewellery – a really unique way to memorialise

cremation memorial jewellery

Getting the right connection between yourself and the persons that you loved is important, there is a a range of jewellery that either incorporates cremated ashes or allows you to put the ashes in a hollow container.

Here is someone we have found that does something a little different and we like it. To be fair it is a  slight departure from all matters ashes and lies more in memorialisation. However, Rosie Weisencrantz does something very special – she create jewellery from momentous, memorabilia, keepsakes and old jewellery and creates something new, beautiful and precious. All of her pieces are bespoke and we think it is wonderful, here is one of hers..

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