Steve Robinson – Ashes within Glass Tealight Panels

  • Beautiful design
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Unique to Scattering Ashes
  • Range of Colours
  • Made in Totnes, Devon




Glass Tealight Panels with Ashes

We have just begun working with a very talented local glassmaker Steve Robinson.  Here we have stunning Glass Tealight panels where small amount of your loved one’s ashes can be immortalised forever into the glass panel, so that you can keep a little of them close by in your home. They are really gorgeous pieces and totally discreet so people may need not know that there are ashes inside if you don’t want to say so.

We have 2 different sizes, dimensions as follows;

Small = width 9cm x depth 4.5cm x height 12.5cm

Large = width 12cm x depth 6cm x height 19cm

*Please note that all panels are individually hand made so may vary ever so slightly in size.


The Tealight Panel comes in a range of colours;

Blue Reef

Green Reef


Aqua Coral

All the ashes to glass ornaments are handmade locally in Totnes by the experienced and skilled Steve Robinson. The procedure is extremely rigorous and each item comes with a certificate of authenticity so that you know that only the ashes you have provided are in your memorial glass.

Keeping the ashes

Many people keep their loved one’s ashes at home, some because they are not sure what to do with them, some because they are not yet ready to do something with them and some simply want to keep them close by, in the house.  Sometimes, very well meaning, friends will give advice such as ‘it’s time to move on’ or ‘you’ll feel better if you scatter/bury them’. But only you will know how you feel about the loss of your loved one and only you will know when and if the time is right to do something else with the ashes.

Splitting the ashes

As long as there are no religious reasons it is worthwhile thinking about keeping some of your loved ones ashes, you can scatter or bury most of the ashes on a favourite walk perhaps, or at sea or on a favourite holiday, but keep a small amount back to memorialise when you are ready.  This will give you more time to decide what you want to do as your feelings may change over time.

The Process

When you purchase an  ashes within glass ornaments we will send you a pack with everything you need to send a small amount – a teaspoon of ashes per item – securely to us.  We will let you know that the ashes have arrived safely and then will hand deliver them to our local glassmakers.  The ashes are kept securely in a safe until they are handmade by an experience glassmaker into your glass memorial. Once cooled the item can be engraved, if asked for, and then sent securely to you with  the certificate of authenticity.

The process takes between 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of ashes.

If you do have an urgent order then perhaps consider a gift voucher instead – Gift Voucher.




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