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ashes into fireworks

Scattering Ashes in Fireworks – Peony Display Video – Beautiful

Scattering Ashes Peony Display

Peony Display – Ashes into Fireworks

Thinking of a spectacular send of a ashes scattering ceremony with a Bang. Here is one option the Peony display joyous powerful and we consider to be real value for money for the amount of work that goes into to producing such a wonderful display.

The display is organised on your behalf including permission where appropriate (and possible), all the ashes are placed inside fireworks. Finishing in a spectacular display and a wonderful celebration of a life.

£950 – inc VAT (correct at the time of publishing)

A Peony display is a dramatic and proud tribute in fireworks to the loved one departed.

With a wide selection of colourful and at times noisy fireworks, this display celebrates the joy of life in no uncertain terms.

Duration: 7 minutes
Choice of colours: Yes
Choice of effects: Yes
Music: No

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