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music fan scattered mosh pit

Metal fan has his ashes scattered in the Mosh Pit

You’re not allowed to call it heavy metal any more so I am told, just metal. But still to my mind it is pretty much the same. Loud in volume, lots of drums and thrash guitar, not so many ballads and plenty of counter culture paraphernalia.

Metal bands seem to specifically go out of their way to stick to fingers up, still there is nothing new in youth culture doing that I suppose. Here we have to fine examples of the genre, Behemoth and splendidly titled Dying Fetus (not aiming to offend anyone with that name then). Well both granted a late fan’s dying wish to have his ashes scattered and one of their gigs.

Below is a video clip of Behemoth’s lead singer Adam Nergal Darski paying tribute to the former fan whose name was Nick (no surname given) at their recent performance in Chicago.

Before the bands strikes out the chords for the classic ‘Antichristian Phenomenon’, Mr Darski holds up a tube/vile to the crowd and say “I have never done this before. Our friend and massive Behemoth fan; his name was Nick. All I’ve got to say is, wherever you are, rest in peace, my friend.”
I think it would have been a bit more rock ‘n’ roll to cast it out into the mosh pit, instead of just pouring it in front of himself – but that’s just me.


Nick (or part thereof) was also scattered at a Dying Fetus event in early May. The band posted on Facebook prior to the gig: “A Dying Fetus fan named Nick from Illinois recently passed away, and his wishes were to have his ashes scattered on stage at a Dying Fetus show, what do you think, should we do it?” (this is the main photo)
Then following the gig they posted: “We just scattered Nicks’ ashes in the pit for his favourite song, ‘Homicidal retribution’, may he rest in the pit”.
May he rest in the pit – ho ho, oh I do like a clever play on words. Anyway well done Nick, a first I think – I have never come across this type of scattering ceremony – so hats off to you. May you rock forever dude [I am currently doing a ‘power fist sign’ but you can’t see that].

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