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Crazy way to cure an illness: with cremation ashes!

I am not saying Western Medicine is the be-all and end-all, but some supposed cures and remains are just plain bonkers.

In Salepur, situated in Odisha north east India, a self-styled godman has come up with an interesting approach to aliments. Pretend you are dead, the evil spirits will think you are dead and then leave you alone.

So how does one achieve the state of a pseudo cadaver?

‘The patients are made to sleep on a ‘Kokei’ (a frame made of bamboo and mattress to carry dead body), tied up with Pala Daudi (ropes made of straw) and carried to the Chari Sahi cremation ground, 30 metres from the ashram, by Aghorinath’s disciples amid chanting of ‘Ram Nam Satya Hai’. Then, all the rituals, meant for the funeral ceremony, are performed.’

At the cremation ground, the patients are told to lie on a Jui Gata (a small trench meant for cremation). Subsequently, the godman and some of his close disciples come to the cremation ground in a procession accompanied by beating of drums, blowing of cymbals and bursting of fire crackers. They dance on the back of the patients, beat them with canes and finally, feed them funeral ash from the cremation ground.’

Well that all sounds perfectly normal and straight forward, nothing to concern yourself there then…!

If you are like me you will be wondering how many people subject themselves to this macabre version of I’m a Celebrity, well around 50 to a 100 per week.

Whilst the authorities seem ignorant of the practise the popularity has spread through word of mouth over some distance. The medical officer at the local health care centre a short distance from the cremation ground. “They are a bunch of frauds who are cashing in on people’s faith,”

So am I making the situation worse by writing about it? Probably not.

Oww m’ back I have just tweaked it, umm I have just had a thought….

Note the picture is not the actual cremation ground in question, sorry I could not find a better one.

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