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ashes garden bespoke

Bespoke Garden Sculptures for Ashes

British Sculptor Nicola Axe creates bespoke, hand carved Portland stone sculpture.

The unique stone sculptures she can create for the garden also make beautiful personal memorials.

Supplied with an oak plinth for storage of ashes, with stone base and topper.

The sculpture can have your inscription choice of words and dates carved into the boarder of the sculpture or stone base.

All pieces require a 12-15 week lead time.

Each carved piece is unique and images below are just a guide. If you have an idea she can work with you to create you ideal piece.

Sculpture ideas for memorials:

Greenman oval – The Oak King

£3,000 inc. oak plinth and inscription around flat edge of oval
Approximate sizes – sculpture 42x30x18cm oak plinth 60x25x25cm

Yoga Mudras

Carved in Portland stone, this has the mudras for peace, happiness, and strength.

Inscription can be carved into Portland base

£3,000 inc. inscription and oak plinth.

Approximate sizes- sculpture 27x20x32cm oak plinth 60x25x25cm

Abstract Landscape

The abstract landscape can be carved with a unique design, incorporating the Sun, Moon or Waves. An inscription can be carved around the bordered edge or on the base.

Gold leaf or a blue-lias stone can be incorporated to represent the Sun or Moon.

£2,600 inc. oak plinth and inscription

Approximate sizes- sculpture 65x35x16cm oak plinth 60x25x25cm

Garden ashes mameorail

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