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ashes into fireworks

Ashes into Fireworks: Self-fire or an organised display?

Ashes into fireworks

Are you considering going out with a bang?  Putting cremation ashes into fireworks – what are the things you need to think about…

There are two main options for you:

  1. Having your ashes in a firework display or
  2. having the ashes placed in a rocket or a self-firing fireworks box.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and here they are:

Ashes in a firework display

  • It will use all the ashes with none left over
  • It is more of a spectacle: more fireworks professionally displayed with musical accompaniment if desired
  • Less hassle in terms of organisation, the firework company will seek appropriate permissions
  • You don’t have to send the ashes anywhere they can add the ashes on site before the display
  • Better value for money (in my opinion)

On the downside

  • Once the date is set it is more difficult to move so may be hampered by the weather
  • May not be as intimate

Fireworks in a self firing rockets or pack

  • You can change date of the event more easily
  • Able to light the touch-paper yourself
  • Cheaper
  • It is more mobile you can take it up a mountain if so desired

On the downside

  • Uses only a small portion of the ashes (about 200 grams)
  • If on public / private land that is not yours, you will need to ask permissions
  • Shorter in duration.

So in conclusion. Cost for many is the primary concern and should this be the case then self-firing fireworks are more affordable, although the company that does our displays, I think,  are extremely good value for money compared to self-fire and other ashes into firework companies.

I would also suggest that if it is going to be an intimate gathering or one for a few of you off the beach then self-fire could be the best option for you. If you are thinking of making it more of a celebration of life gathering then the display would probably be the best option.

However as always it is about choice, and if ashes into fireworks is the right choice for you, I am sure it will be amazing whatever you choose!

Ashes into fireworks

2 thoughts on “Ashes into Fireworks: Self-fire or an organised display?

  1. Reply
    Teresa Dumerauf - 8th June 2020

    I live in the USA and I saw this on the movie ‘Poms’ love the idea and wow cant think of a better ‘good bye’ Would you be so kind t share with e if anyone in the USA does this or if you have an recommendation Thank you for your time
    Teresa Dumerauf

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th June 2020

      Dear Teresa

      As soon as I have an notification of someone doing this I will post it….

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