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nasty dimwit ashes

Raoul Moat’s ashes


The family of  the gunman Raoul Moat, want his ashes to be scattered near where he killed himself on the riverbank in Rothbury. However the locals see things different and have no desire to be associated with the man and don’t want their village to attract those wishing to memorialise Mr Moat or those with a morbid curiosity.

Putting sensibilities aside it I would say it would down to the land owner. Although I guess if the family choose to trespass and do it irrespective of the landowners wishes it would be difficult to undo.

Again who is right? Perhaps a compromise could be reached and the family went for a water scattering that might reduce the sense of actual location?

2 thoughts on “Raoul Moat’s ashes

  1. Helen McCallum - 17th August 2010

    They have no right to scatter his ashes in Rothbury where he held the town to fear for a week. Scatter them in his garden where they belong. And the Rothbury people will not forget, not with his ashes in their midst!

  2. Charles Cowling - 16th August 2010

    Blimey, what a hard one this is! it’s easy enough to see this from both sides’ point of view very clearly. The good people of Rothbury (a name already up there with Soham) don’t want a flipping shrine on their riverbank — but for how long will poor old Raoul be (forgive me) shrine candy, I wonder? I suspect that if they grit their teeth and take the view that what cannot be cured must be endured, Rothburians will find that he is soon superseded/forgotten. And that will be that. It’s been a most peculiar and sad business from beginning to end…

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