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ashes in jewellery

The Facebook generation has no problem with the ashes of a former spouse

You may think that the urn or cremation jewellery of a former spouse may freak-out prospective new partners, and they would want the widow or widower to removal all traces of a former partner. Not so.

Respondents on Facebook survey conducted by OneWorld Memorials shows just the opposite in fact.

In their survey: Love in the Time of Cremation Urns

They posed the following question on Facebook:

“If you were in a relationship with someone and discovered they had the remains of their former spouse in their house or in jewellery they wore, would you:

a) Break off the relationship?
b) Ask them to get rid of the jewelry, keepsake or urn?
c) Not sure how you would react, but would be disturbed?
d) You wouldn’t be bothered by it ”

The result – almost everyone didn’t care (96%). I have attached a link to their splendid info graphic.

“This came as a shock.” said Ira Woods, the President of OneWorld Memorials. “I was convinced that someone in a relationship with a widow or widower would be very unhappy about their new love wearing a necklace filled with the deceased spouse’s cremation ashes or having an urn prominent in the house. But in fact people overwhelmingly expressed the opposite. Many found this behaviour to be a show of good character.”

Well done, for a good bit of insight. However, being the ever vigilant data nerd I will add a few caveats before all you that find yourself in this boat start dangling the pendant at the first date, content in the knowledge that acceptance is almost guaranteed.

  • The article did not give number of respondents
  • Those going to the page would be more comfortable with this subject anyway
  • The Facebook demographic coupled with the subject would be unlikely to give a true cross-section of society

That said, nice survey and a positive result.

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