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Cremation trends odd geographic distribution


I am going to generalise, sorry, but I think you will see why. And I think that you will find this is interesting…

In Europe cremation is popular in some parts and not so in others – basically the highest numbers are NW Europe,  Britain and  Scandinavia then they decrease the more South & East you go. I thought this was due to adherence to religious doctrine and the power base of the Catholic church. However this article from the United States points to a similar trend over there… “The line  seems to run right down the middle of the country with the west being more in favour of the process, and the east not. And when the southern US is considered, the numbers get even more skewed. So here we go–Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Washington lead the way with more than 6 out of 10 cremated. Move over to the Midwest and the percentages begin to drop and once in the Southern states, the numbers plummet to below 25% (on average) with Mississippi leading the way at less than 10%. ”

Coincidence I ask? … Well yes probably, but note worthy none the less don’t you think?

1 thought on “Cremation trends odd geographic distribution

  1. Charles Cowling - 19th November 2010

    Fascinating! More coincidence than anything else, I suppose. In Europe I’m sure that religion is a factor. But another factor, observable in both cases, is elaborateness of funeral rituals. Cremation is attractive to those who keep their rituals brief, terse and buttoned-up. Southerners in the US mostly make much more of a funeral than their northern compatriots. Though Protestants, they like their preaching hot and plentiful. It’s not unusual to have several ministers preach at a funeral. Burial is more congruent with this.

    Still fascinating, though.

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