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cremation ashes scattered in lent spitfire

Scattering Ashes – Spitfire or Piper “Grasshopper”: Kent


ashes scattered from a WW2 plane


A fitting end for any RAF or WWII veteran, pilot or plane enthusiast, being scattered from a  choice of vintage World War II planes.

What is more there could be no finer plane  that chimes with British nation as the majestic and legendary Spitfire. Alternatively you could chose the Piper Cub L-4, a familiar sight with classic design and known to most people as the ‘Grasshopper’.

Fights operate from an airbase in Kent. From an Airfield with a Battle of Britain history

They can fly all year round as long as the weather is good and the cost are as follows, approximately:
  • WW2 1943 Piper L4 Cub– £500.00 + VAT
  • Harvard – £1000.00 + VAT
  • Hurricane £1200.00 + VAT
  • WW2 1944 Spitfire Mk9 Spitfire £1600.00 + VAT

The flight lasts as long as it takes to get to the release point and the return back to the airbase. Obviously the further the flight the greater the price, mainly due to increased fuel costs.

To make an enquiry please fill out the form below and the plane operator will contact you as soon as they are able. You will receive and automated email with the operator’s direct telephone number should your enquiry be more urgent.

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