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Ashes into stratosphere

Scattering Ashes – Stratosphere / Space: UK Wide

Scatter ashes in the stratosphere

 The range of choices for how you can give your loved one a final send of has just taken a giant leap, I am paraphrasing from the space mission, but here we have something unique to the British market. They use top of the range meteorological balloons filled with helium to carry a specially engineered biodegradable urn 100,000ft above earth, where it scatters the ashes in the stratosphere.

It reaches 100,000ft before the balloon bursts and the urn floats back down to earth where it dissolves at sea, with the ashes dispersing into the stratosphere.The service is priced at £3,500 for those who wish to opt for this unique experience.This is a video recorded by the company on one of their first launches…

“An out of this world idea on dealing with the death of a loved one.”

 Mark Whitaker, BBC News
The price tag for those who think they would like to exit in the same fashion – £3,500.

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View from up there…

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