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Ashes into stratosphere

Ashes Scattered on the Edge of Space

Scatter ashes in the stratosphere.

Scatter ashes at the edge of space.  Celebrate your loved one’s life in style, with a fully tailored memorial launch day, where your loved one’s ashes begin their gentle journey to the edge of space to be scattered under the stars.

Pick from 5 beautiful locations (below) or pick your own, bring family, friends, even your pets and create a memorable and beautiful memory, as you start your loved one on a spectacular journey.

Informal, completely customizable, the day is all about going at your pace and allowing you the time to say goodbye, as you want to. We use specialised helium balloons to take your loved one to the edge of space - let go of the balloon when you’re ready and watch as the balloon slowly drifts up to the stars.

The ashes will be released at the edge of the atmosphere, with the curvature of the blue earth below, some will continue to circulate around the planet for eternity gently drifting in the mesospheric winds, whilst others will join with rain drops, falling to earth and continuing the circle of life.

This is a unique opportunity to say goodbye in a relaxed and informal way, whilst doing something truly breathtaking with your loved one’s ashes.

Cost: From £1,550 

Fully customizable

Example Launch:

At our last launch, after orientation around the site and loading of the ashes into the balloon by our expert team – the inflated balloon was handed to husband, sons and daughter – whilst the young children watched from the gazebo. The family said some words and under blue skies in the beautiful new forest sunshine, with the Alpacas grazing in the meadows, the family let the balloon go and toasted with Champagne, as they watched their loved one drift up to the stars.

Ashes in the stratosphere - Launch Locations:

Cotswolds - South East England

Falmouth - South West England

Cambridge - East Anglia

New Forest - South Coast

Rhosilli - Wales

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