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Scattering Ashes – Biplane: Scotland and beyond

Ashes Scattered from s Plane – Scotland

Would you like your ashes spread from a beautiful vintage Starduster Bi-Plane? What a magnificent send off the aircraft is based on the iconic bi-planes of the 1930’s this beautiful 2 seater plane  capable of incredibly spectacular manoeuvres. A symbolic smoke trail from the aircraft enhances the display even further.

This particular aircraft has been customised with a unique device that ensures they are scattered properly into the free airspace behind the aeroplane.

The company is based in East Lothian, in Scotland, but will fly to any location in the UK (but it is more affordable the less distance they travel – or you could go to them).

The operators of this are recommended by us they are a professional, dedicated company who guarantee a memorable and intimate experience.

There flights start from £650.00 and increase depending on flight time to your location.

There is a video at the bottom of the page.

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    2 thoughts on “Scattering Ashes – Biplane: Scotland and beyond

    1. Reply
      Sam Rossiter - 18th October 2019

      I have my daddy’s ashes and I would like them sprinkled in Kent from a plane can u give me a quote


      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 18th October 2019

        Hi Sam

        I will put this through as enquiry.


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