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Scattering Ashes – Ashes into Fireworks: UK wide

Ashes into Fireworks

Ashes into fireworks: Professional firework displays incorporating ashes are a fantastic way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

They are truly fantastic events, scattering the ashes over the heavens. It is a scattering ceremony that will stay forever in the memory. We have a range of options for you.

Advantages of a  professional ashes into fireworks display:

  • It will use all the ashes with none left over
  • It is more of a spectacle: more fireworks professionally displayed with musical accompaniment if desired
  • Less hassle in terms of organisation, the firework company will seek appropriate permissions
  • You don’t have to send the ashes anywhere they can add the ashes on site before the display

Please bear in mind that once a date has been set it is more difficult to change so may be hampered by weather.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for putting on such an amazing firework display. It really was a spectacular event and so much more beautiful than I or my guests could ever imagine. It really was a very fitting tribute to my Aunt and I can not thank you enough for all your hard work and support. Everybody at the memorial last night was full of praise and moved to tears. Clare
 firework display cremation ashes


Cost; £850- inc VAT

A Poppy display creates a calm and yet wonderful farewell to a loved one.

Full of highly colourful, pretty and low noise fireworks. A gentle pace throughout, culminating in a brilliant finish of gold and silver.

Duration: 5 minutes
Choice of colours: Yes
Choice of effects: Yes
Music: No
Sound PA Included: N/A

 firework display ashes


£1,185- inc VAT

A Peony display is a dramatic and proud tribute in fireworks to the loved one departed.

With a wide selection of colourful and at times noisy fireworks, this display celebrates the joy of life in no uncertain terms.

Duration: 7 minutes
Choice of colours: Yes
Choice of effects: Yes
Music: No
Sound PA Included: N/A

 ashes in firework display


£1,590- inc VAT

A Rose display is the first of our music and fireworks celebrations of life.

Select a favourite piece of music for the person being remembered and we will design a display to go perfectly with the music.

Duration: 5 minutes
Choice of colours: Yes
Choice of effects: Yes
Music: Yes, your own choice
Sound PA Included: Yes

 ashes into fireworks


£2,130- inc VAT

An Orchid display captures the real essence of a loved one in music and fireworks.

Select 2 or maybe 3 pieces of music that epitomize the individuals life, and we’ll choreograph a perfect fireworks display in their memory.

Duration: 8 minutes
Choice of colours: Yes
Choice of effects: Yes
Music: Yes your own choice
Sound PA Included: Yes

If you would like to organise a ashes into fireworks  – celebration of life display we will need about 7 days notice so we can carry out the risk assessment and design the display and some periods are busier than others. The pyrotechnic organiser will need the ashes 2 days before your event so they can prepare the fireworks. Of course the ashes are treated with the greatest of care and respect.

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