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doves released at a scattering ceremony

Scattering Ceremony – Dove Release: Greater London

Scattering Ashes Ceremony – Dove Release

One option for a memorable ceremony is to release a dove or a number of doves after you have scattered the ashes. Whether one dove, a pair of doves or a small flock, they make a poignant and symbolic gesture. We can arrange this for you.

Expert handlers, with experience and sensitivity for such occasions will bring the doves to your ceremony. At the time of release, the handler can assist you in holding the dove before release, or you can simply open the carrier or basket and let the dove fly out, or the handler can do it all for you. You choose what feels right for you at the time.
The doves can carry a personal message. Simply write it on a piece of soft paper (5mm by 10mm) and the handler will attach it to the dove’s leg before release.
To mark the release, you will receive a Memorial Card – personalised with the name of your loved one plus an organza bag containing naturally moulted white feathers (when available) as a keepsake.
The company is based in London covering Greater London and the south east, north to Milton Keynes, west to Reading, east to Southend and south to Crawley.
Prices are subject to the distance travelled by road to the release site. If the release is on a boat, extra time required by our handler will be factored in.
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      Satvinder Singh - 7th June 2023

      Good morning
      Please if you could provide a breakdown of a boat ceremony for a sikh send off..

      Would be most grateful

      Thank you in advance.

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