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Scattering ashes from a drone

Ashes Scattering by Drone

Scattering loved one’s ashes over land or sea.

The drone company was born of the idea to access beautiful and memorable locations, over which ashes can be scattered, whilst also removing the anxiety some have of handling the process themselves.

They are able to deliver a cost-effective solution of cleanly and sensitively scattering ashes over land or sea at a location of your choice by using bespoke drones specially modified to carry and release cremation ashes. Each drone can carry the ashes of one person and will either fly the occasion as a singleton, or in company with another drone used to video or photograph as required. 

They locate landowners to gain permission to operate over your chosen location and they manage all communication in pursuit of that goal. Most coastal areas are accessible to us and are the most straightforward to arrange; for our charges, we operate at a fixed price of £975.00 (including VAT).

Inland, the necessary permissions can take a little longer to obtain but they strive to operate across the UK over woodlands, open countryside, golf courses, football grounds and racecourses.

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