Silver Heart Ashes Necklace

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  • 925 Silver Heart Pendant
  • Free overnight delivery available*
  • Comes in a presentation box
  • Comes with an easy-to-use kit, or 
  • Filling service available

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Cremation Necklace for Ashes: Silver Heart Ashes Necklace

Losing someone dear can be an incredibly difficult experience, and having a tangible reminder can provide a sense of comfort and closeness. Our cremation necklace for ashes, the Silver Heart Ashes Necklace, is designed to help you keep a small part of your loved one with you at all times.

Elegant and Discreet Design

This beautiful 925 Silver Heart Ashes Necklace is both a stunning piece of jewellery and a discreet memorial. The pendant features a charming heart-shaped design, providing a lovely way to carry the ashes of your loved one. Its elegant appearance ensures that it can be worn daily or on special occasions without drawing unwanted attention.


  • Width: 17 mm
  • Length: 25 mm
  • Length including screw fastening and ring (drop from chain): 31 mm

Key Features of the Silver Heart Ashes Necklace

  • 925 Silver Heart Pendant
    • High-Quality Material: The heart pendant is crafted from 925 sterling silver, known for its durability and lustrous appearance. This high-quality material ensures that your necklace remains beautiful and untarnished over time.
    • Elegant Design: The heart-shaped design is both classic and timeless, making it a versatile piece that can be worn daily or on special occasions. Its understated elegance makes it a perfect tribute to your loved one.
  • Choice of Chain
    • Customisable Options: You can personalise your necklace by choosing from a variety of chain styles, including box, snake, cable, or belcher chains. This allows you to select a chain that best suits your style and comfort preferences.
    • Perfect Length: The standard chain length is 51 cm (20 inches), providing a comfortable fit that allows the pendant to rest gracefully on your chest.
  • Free Overnight Delivery Available*
    • Prompt and Reliable Service: We offer free overnight delivery on qualifying orders, ensuring that your necklace arrives promptly and securely. This service is especially beneficial for those who need their memorial jewellery urgently.
    • Peace of Mind: With overnight delivery, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious keepsake will be delivered quickly and safely.
  • Comes in a Presentation Box
    • Elegant Packaging: The Silver Heart Ashes Necklace comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The box adds an extra touch of elegance and ensures that the necklace is protected when not in use.
    • Perfect for Gifting: The presentation box makes it easy to give the necklace as a heartfelt and meaningful gift, suitable for any occasion.
  • Comes with an Easy-to-Use Kit
    • Comprehensive Kit: The necklace comes with an easy-to-use kit that includes detailed instructions, a funnel, and non-toxic glue. This kit ensures that you can safely and securely transfer a small amount of ashes into the pendant at home.
    • Simple and Safe: The step-by-step instructions make the process straightforward, allowing you to create a lasting memorial without any hassle.
  • Filling Service Available
    • Professional Assistance: For those who prefer not to handle the ashes themselves, we offer a professional filling service. Our experienced team will carefully and respectfully transfer the ashes into the pendant for you.
    • Convenience and Care: This service provides an added layer of convenience and ensures that the ashes are handled with the utmost care and respect.

By choosing our Silver Heart Ashes Necklace, you are selecting a high-quality, elegant piece of memorial jewellery that offers a lasting connection to your loved one. The necklace’s customisable options, prompt delivery, and thoughtful packaging make it a cherished keepsake that provides comfort and remembrance.

Discreet Memorial Jewellery

Cremation jewellery offers a discreet and personal way to keep a small amount of ashes (about a teaspoonful) close to you. Whether you choose to share the significance of your jewellery with others or keep it private, you can find comfort in knowing that a part of your loved one is always with you.

For our complete range of memorial jewellery, including other beautiful ashes jewellery, please visit our Ashes Jewellery collection.

Additional Information

  • Delivery Information: For details about our delivery options, please click here.
  • Product Range: Explore our full range of ashes into jewellery pieces, offering various designs to suit your personal style and needs.

By choosing our Silver Heart Ashes Necklace, you are selecting a high-quality, meaningful way to honour your loved one’s memory. This cremation necklace for ashes is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a cherished keepsake that provides comfort and a lasting connection to those who have passed away.

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4 reviews for Silver Heart Ashes Necklace

  1. M. Mason (verified owner)

    I’m absolutely delighted with my heart pendant and the service from Scattering Ashes. I wanted something that I could wear without being an obvious memorial and this fits the bill. It’s also the right size to sit nicely in the palm of my hand, when I just want to hold Dad and feel him close. Perfect.

    • Richard Martin

      Thank you that is really kind of you to let us know.

  2. Beth (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, and good quality. It will help me an awful lot through life. Thank you.

  3. S Thornally

    I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with my necklace, it really is beautiful. I shall certainly be recommending you.

    Kind regards

  4. Natalie (verified owner)

    Review for Ashes Pendant – 925 Silver Heart Memorial Pendant

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