Sikh Ceremony Set

    • Water urn that is 100% biodegradable inscribed with Khanda Symbol
    • Symbolic flower petals
    • Water notelets
    • Sikh Ceremony Record

Upgrade to a Deluxe Sikh Set

Opt for a deluxe set which includes: 3 Floating Candles, extra Promises notelets, Floating Paper Flowers, Incense and a beautiful canvas bag to hold everything.


Sikh Ceremony Set

Sikh Ceremony Set – Ashes into Water. We have put together the complete set for you to have a memorable and dignified water ceremony. You can create a very special ceremony for your loved one’s ashes. It includes an appropriately sized urn, plus everything you need into one easy-to-use pack. You simply order online or over the phone, really simple.

Water Ceremony – the committal of a loved one’s ashes for a water burial.

The Sikh Ceremony Set contains:

  • A Water Urn* suitable for one person’s ashes. A simple clay urn with embossed Khanda symbol, it will submerge quickly and is suitable for water burials.
  • 1 litre box of natural dried flowers comprising of:
    • Hibiscus
    • Roses
    • Jasmine
    • Marigold
  • A box of ‘Promises’ which are notelets  designed to dissolve quickly in water. Your guests can write their messages or prayers and then cast them into the water.
  • A Sikh Ceremony Certificate – for you to record the date and location for future generations.

*All of our Sikh Water Urns are completely 100% biodegradable and gelatin free.

Deluxe Ceremony Sets

We have created a deluxe version which is perfect for larger families and for an extra special ceremony. This can be added on to your set.

Boat Services for water ceremonies

For details of where you can scatter on water please see our advice page on Scattering on Water.

If you want to book a boat for your ceremony please see our BOAT SERVICES. Simply fill in the form on the boat page and the skipper will contact you directly.

Sikh Water Ceremonies

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