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Transporting Ashes – Courier Service

Transporting Ashes referral service

Need to send ashes abroad? Need the ashes repatriating? Need ashes transporting within the UK?

We partner with the courier company for transporting cremated remains around the UK, sending ashes abroad or having them returned to the UK.

They offer a courier service for the UK, Europe and the rest of the World and with their guidance you should find the whole process, including the completion of relevant documentation, fairly simple.

With your help they will fill out any necessary paperwork. They will keep all of your details and information completely private and confidential. Normally transporting the ashes is door to door.

Note: this service is not provided by Scattering Ashes we are referring  you to them and there are other providers available.

Ashes will need to packed in accordance to their guidance note.


Sending an ashes casket of up to 10 Kg (21lbs)

There are 3 options:

  •  Same day door to door POA – they will need postcode of each location
  •  England 3-5 day door to door service.
  • Drop off service – over 5,000 ‘drop off points’,  the benefit being not waiting around all day for a courier to collect


For the purposes of importing / repatriating ashes from abroad – the couriers have service partners in : Australia, New Zealand, Soth Africa Canada and  the USA

  • Air freighted to European destinations £265 – £295 (depending on the country)
  • Rest of the world from £650 (to airport only).  Plus Fuel Surcharge and VAT (current UK rate is 20%). Please understand these are guide prices as there are certain countries where it is more tricky. You will need to get an exact quote from them

Prices for bringing ashes back into the UK are higher because they need to liaise with a Funeral Director in that country.

They are Associate Members of SAIF – The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.

Costs – Tariff 

Drop Off*Collected
England & Wales75.0090.00100.00120.00
Scotland, Northern Ireland & Offshore UK Islands120.00144.00150.00180.00
Rep. Of Ireland ROAD – No Liability150.00180.00180.00216.00
Other EU Destinations ROAD – No Liability200.00240.00230.00276.00
EU Destinations – Delivery to Nearest International Airport Only500.00600.00530.00636.00
Channel Islands220.00n/a250.00256.00
Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada – Nearest International Airport Only695.00n/a725.00731.00
Rest of the World – Delivery to Nearest International Airport Only750.00n/a780.00786.00
Australia & New Zealand725.00
USA & Canada850.00
South Africa850.00
Imports from Other countries may be availablePOA

*Please note Drop off service is for Sender ONLY – all deliveries require a signature

* Prices Effective as of 10th January 2018

* Prices may be subject to change due to currency exchange fluctuations and Airline costs

Terms & Conditions Apply

All Prices are Inclusive of Limit of Liability cover unless otherwise stated

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