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human and pet ashes

Pets and Owners can have their ashes together

Dignity Pet Crematorium in Winchfield, Hook, Hampshire will become the first pet crematorium in the Britain to allow people to have their ashes scattered in the same place as their beloved pets.

Scattering Ashes is a big supporter of this, from the surveys run on our site there were many responses that came back saying they wanted to be scattered next to their animals. Which is echoed in Dignity’s own survey found that 76% of pet owners said they would want to have their own ashes scattered with those of their pets; 18% were undecided and only 6% said they wouldn’t.

Kevin Spurgeon, a partner at the family run pet crematorium, said: “I am delighted to offer this new service to pet lovers and we have already had several pet owners asking us to reserve a plot for them.

Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management said “Institute policy revolves around its Charter for the Bereaved that encourages the provision of choice to the bereaved so that they might select an option that meets with their particular needs. The only stipulations made are that options are lawful, do not harm the environment and are acceptable.”

“The facility of enabling the scattering of pet owners’ ashes with those of their pets will be of great benefit to those that make this choice and is therefore supported by the Institute.” Which is positive if a little formal, I suppose being the top man in such an organisation doesn’t lend itself to anything other than gravitas…

Furthermore, Margot Clarke is manager of the Pet Bereavement Support Service [I had no idea such a service existed, so that’s good] , a free helpline line run by leading pet charity The Blue Cross and the Society for Companion Animal Studies said: “It will be a huge comfort for pet owners to know that they can legally request their ashes to be scattered or buried alongside their much-loved pet. It is something that concerns many people who contact our service for support after losing a pet.”

Partly what make Dignity Pet crematoria unique is obtaining planning permission from their local Council (Hart District Council) so if this is a service that is for you – Dignity Pet Crematoria.

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