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memorial tree for ashes

Memorial woodland for ashes: NEAR Lake District Cumbria

Ashes memorial tree

Having a tree as a memorial is a great idea. And a woodland where the tree is managed, where you can scatter or bury your ashes , where there is someone to care for that tree – well that takes a weight off the mind.

There are many natural burial sites around the UK and that is a really good thing, putting things back to nature, something that lives on and flourishes as the years go by. However, I do think they primarily they are a place for burial, cremated ashes seem to play second fiddle somehow.

When we ran a survey on the Scattering Ashes site about memorial woodlands and commemorative tree we had very good response, around forty percent of people felt that the didn’t want the ashes in the same place as funeral burials. The comments as to why varied, but the feeling among that group was that it was something different and they want their ashes somewhere entirely separate.

The forest is in a fabulous location near lake Alston in the Lake District Cumbria and they offer a great service – you choose the tree – a sapling or more mature, the type – oak, ash beech etc. They will plant and tender it for you.

The picture above give you a nice feel for how the woodland is developing.

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