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Can someone scatter ashes for me? Yes

Can someone scatter ashes for me?

A lot of people leave last requests regarding where they want their ashes to be scattered, as family member or friend this may turn out to be quite an onerous task.  People’s choice of locations for the final resting place of their ashes can be hugely varied – a favourite beauty spot; somewhere near home; a place from a childhood holiday; to other things more exotic locations such as a beach in Barbados or even into space.

Sometimes the request can’t be fulfilled because either a) the place where you loved one wished to be scattered has banned the practice e.g. the pitch of Arsenal football club or scattering in a cemetery that will only allow interment. Or, b) it might simply be that those left behind can’t get to the place like those with limited mobility asked to climb a mountain in Cairngorms.

And whilst you may be able to rationalise this and think ‘well I am not able to’ there may still be some residual guilt. So, what should you do?

Well if it is a case of it being banned then maybe a token amount at the site and the rest somewhere more accessible would be an workable option.

If it is the case that you can’t do it, but someone could – then we should be able to help. We carry out scattering ceremonies on behalf of other:

  • We have team members who are qualified in carrying out a scattering ceremony
  • We research the location
  • Transport the ashes
  • Carry out the ceremony in a dignified way, do readings as required
  • Report back with pictures and evidence, and
  • Produce a certificate to keep in the records for future generations…

Case Study Example: we were recently contacted by a solicitor who was the executor for a couple that had no close surviving relatives. They had left it in their will that they wanted to scattered on the shore near Oban on the west coast of Scotland, where they got engaged. We took the ashes to a beautiful sot and carried out dignified ceremony. The cost didn’t break the bank and the solicitors were extremely happy with outcome.

So, if thinking – Can someone scatter ashes for me? The answer is Yes we could do to help you fill in the found and we will come back with options and costs:

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