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Services we offer

Boats for Ashes Water Ceremonies

Sky Ceremonies for Ashes

Scattering Ashes over Water: We provide dignified and serene options for scattering ashes over water, allowing for a peaceful final resting place.

Sky Ceremonies for Ashes: Our sky ceremonies offer a breathtaking and symbolic method of releasing ashes into the atmosphere.

Transporting Ashes UK and Abroad

Ashes Memorial Tree

Transporting Ashes UK and Abroad: Our services facilitate the secure transportation of ashes both within the UK and internationally.

Ashes Memorial Tree: Choose a specific tree to be dedicated as a memorial, incorporating ashes into its roots.

Memorial Reef

Ashes Scatter For You

Ashes in a Reef: Contribute to marine conservation by incorporating ashes into a memorial reef, creating a lasting underwater tribute.

Ashes Scatter For You: If you cannot attend the scattering, we can perform the service on your behalf, providing detailed documentation.

Ancient Burial Mound

Ashes in Fireworks display

Ancient Burial Mound: Choose an ancient burial mound as a final resting place, offering a timeless and historic memorial.

Ashes in Fireworks Display: Incorporate ashes into fireworks, creating a stunning and memorable tribute in the sky.

Ashes into Vinyl Record

Ashes into Diamonds

Ashes into Vinyl Record: Our service turns ashes into a playable vinyl record, creating a unique and personal keepsake.

Ashes into Diamonds: Our process creates stunning diamonds from ashes, providing a permanent and elegant remembrance.

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