Ceremony Flower Petals – Perfect for your Scattering Ceremony

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  • Hand-Picked and Natural: Each petal is carefully hand-picked from roses dried in Sussex, with no dyes or chemicals used, ensuring they naturally biodegrade.
  • Eco-Friendly: These petals are 100% biodegradable, leaving no environmental impact, making them perfect for eco-conscious ceremonies.
  • Symbolic Colours: Available in red (true love), yellow (joy and friendship), pink (grace and happiness), and white (simple beauty and elegance) to add meaningful symbolism to any ceremony.
  • Ideal for Water Ceremonies: Perfect for water burials, as the petals float on the surface, tracing the ashes’ path and creating a serene, reflective moment.
  • Generous Quantity: Each pack contains one litre of petals, providing approximately five handfuls, allowing everyone to participate in the scattering ceremony.


These gorgeous petals are sourced from roses, all meticulously dried in Sussex. Each petal is carefully picked off the individual bloom by hand, ensuring no damage and preserving their natural beauty. The petals are untreated, with no dyes or chemicals used during the process. This ensures they will naturally biodegrade, having no impact on the environment, much like petals that fall naturally from a rose in the garden. These petals add a lovely touch to any ceremony, whether scattered individually or given out in handfuls for everyone to join in the scattering.

The ceremony petals come in packs of one litre each, with each pack providing approximately five handfuls. This generous quantity ensures that everyone present can participate in the symbolic gesture of scattering petals.

Ceremony Flower Petals:

  • Red Roses: Symbolise true love. Red rose petals are perfect for expressing deep affection and love during the ceremony.
  • Yellow Roses: Represent joy and friendship. Yellow rose petals can add a bright, cheerful touch, symbolising happy memories and cherished friendships.
  • Pink Roses: Convey grace and happiness. Pink rose petals bring a sense of elegance and joy, reflecting the grace and happiness brought by the departed.
  • White Roses: Embody simple beauty and elegance. White rose petals offer a serene, pure addition to the ceremony, symbolising peace and reverence.

These petals are an ideal accompaniment to a scattering ceremony. They are particularly well-suited for water ceremonies, as the flower petals will stay on the surface of the water, moving gently with the current and tracing the path of the dispersed ashes. This creates a visually beautiful and poignant moment as the petals slowly drift away, allowing time for final words to be spoken or a moment of silent reflection.

Environmental Benefits

One of the standout features of these petals is their environmental friendliness. Completely natural, with no dyes, these petals will break down naturally in the environment, leaving no trace. This makes them an excellent choice for those looking to conduct an eco-friendly ceremony, ensuring that the act of remembrance does not harm the planet.

Usage in Ceremonies

  • Water Ceremonies: Ideal for scattering over lakes, rivers, or seas. The petals float on the surface, providing a visible trace of the ashes’ journey and creating a serene, reflective atmosphere.
  • Land Ceremonies: Perfect for scattering over a special place or burial site. The petals add a touch of natural beauty, blending seamlessly into the environment as they biodegrade.
  • Group Participation: The generous packs allow everyone present to participate, making the ceremony more inclusive and meaningful. Each person can take a handful of petals to scatter, adding to the collective tribute.

For more information on the symbolism of flowers, here is a helpful piece on flower symbolism.

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2 reviews for Ceremony Flower Petals – Perfect for your Scattering Ceremony

  1. Vanessa

    Just wanted to thank you for your speedy service.  I ordered some petals for a scattering service…….they arrived the very next day!!  More than anything though I wanted to thank you for the letter which was enclosed….. a lovely letter, with kind wording….much appreciated at such a very difficult/emotional time.

    Bless you for that.

    Kind regards

  2. Joanna D

    I have just received the white rose petals.  You are absolutely right – they are beautiful, exude serenity, peace and love.   They will look lovely on the sea…….Thank you so very very much.  [The flowers on my father’s coffin, from my son and I, were a spray of white lillies – extending over 4 ft – so these really follow that theme].

    With kind regards.

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