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South Devon Business Excellence Awards

South Devon Business Excellence Awards

We’ve been nominated as finalists for this year’s most innovative business in the South Devon Business Excellence Awards! To say that we’re feeling a bit excited is a bit of an understatement!

As a completely independent family firm based in Dartmoor in Devon we are feeling very humbled to be nominated. Richard set up the website in 2009, after scattering his Dad’s ashes in 1993 he had always been plagued by the fact that nobody offered any advice about how to scatter ashes. Many cremations later, more than three quarters of the British public are cremated every year, there was still no advice and the choice of products were somewhat funereal. So Scattering Ashes was born, we offered advice at first and then people started asking us to supply them with scatter tubes for scattering on land and then water urns for putting ashes into rivers, lakes and the sea.

We have continued to listen to our customers and now we not only supply all sorts of different urns and memorial products but we have developed new products & services for, what is becoming for us, the ‘4th Ceremony’. You have a Christening, a Wedding and then a Funeral, but for those left behind there is a vital stage in that person’s life which is often ignored, what to do with the ashes. Our Guide book is rated 5 stars on Amazon and will gently help you decide and organise a ‘4th ceremony’ that is perfect for your loved one, it was part of the reason for being voted the winner of the 2015 Best Bereavement Resource.

If you read our blog you will see that over the years we have carried out loads of research and for many people this is a really important stage in the bereavement process, the celebration of the life that they lived. So we try and do that for our customers, if you want to out with a bang we’ll arrange to have your ashes put into fireworks, if you’re a keen traveller what about having some of your ashes put into a Message in a Bottle and continue your journey? If the family want together together and have your ashes scattered on the water we have a nation-wide network of approved water ceremony providers and can provide you with petals, messages and doves. Whatever you want to do we’ll do our absolute best to sort it out for you.

Too many people feel awkward or confused, they might know what they want to do, but feel unsure or wary. We believe that what you do with a loved ones ashes doesn’t have to be mournful or furtive, it doesn’t have to be confusing or clandestine. It can be just what you want it to be – a shout-out, something inspiring, a quiet reflective time – a cherished moment. You loved them – so show it in your own way…

We hope you like what we are trying to do.

Richard and Karen Martin


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