Scattering Ashes Seed Balls

  • Unique product which will make your ceremony special 
  • Handmade
  • UK Based
  • Natural Product

Add on Wildflower notelets;

Include Wildflower ‘Promises’ notelets to add some farewell messages and memories to your service?


We take a portion of the ashes of your loved one and combine them with native wildflower seeds & other natural ingredients to create bespoke seed balls
You can use these for your ashes ceremony – In the garden or a special location. Plant or scatter and watch your wildflower memorial grow.

What are Scattering Ashes Seed Balls?

A unique combination of wildflower seeds, chilli powder (to keep pests away), calcium (to ensure an appropriate pH level for ideal growth), your loved one’s ashes, clay & peat-free compost, are used to create your bespoke seed balls.
Once your order is placed we send you a pack for 50g grams of ashes, you return this to us and we aim to dispatch your order within 7 days of receipt of your loved one’s ashes (this can take up to 14 days during busy periods).  Your order will be sent to you by a tracked, signed-for service.
For this amount of ashes you can expect to receive somewhere between 20-25 seedballs. They come in cotton bags which contains five or more seed balls & are tied with twine & a brown card label, stamped with “In loving memory“.
If you would prefer blank labels, please advise when sending your loved one’s ashes to us. Each bag also comes with a set of instructions for using your seed balls.

Planting instructions 

  1. Soak seed balls in warm water for 10 minutes
  2. Scatter seed balls onto loose soil (ideally during Spring, when the hard frosts have passed, and in a sunny spot, if possible)
  3. For extra protection of your flowers, place chicken wire over the area (if possible)
  4. Water regularly
  5. Watch your beautiful wildflower memorial grow!

Wildflower ‘Promises’ Notelets.

To make your ceremony even more personal why not add on a pack of 12 Wildflower ‘Promises’ notelets to go with your Seed Balls.  The Wildflower ‘Promises’ are designed to enhance a land scattering or burial.  This beautiful notepaper* contains wildflower seeds that, when buried with some water, will break down so the seeds can germinate and flower. You write down your thoughts and then simply place the notes in the soil, a lasting memorial.

* made from a natural materials that biodegrades approved by the  EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CE Approved.

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