Roman Cinerary Urn

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Roman Cinerary Urn

Roman Urn: These urns are fantastic replicas of Roman Urns from a thousand years ago complete with a seal so that they can be kept on display.

Based on a roman design that was used throughout the empire two thousand years ago.

Dimensions: Height 22cm, maximum diameter 19 cm.

Capacity: approximately 3 litres  –  suitable for a single set of adult ashes

Keeping the ashes at home in a Italian Inlaid Wood Urn

Many people keep their loved one’s ashes at home. Some because they are not sure what to do with them, some because they are not yet ready to do something with them and some simply want to keep them close by, in the home.  Sometimes, very well meaning, friends will give advice such as ‘it’s time to move on’ or ‘you’ll feel better if you scatter/bury them’. But only you will know how you feel with the loss of your loved one and only you will know when and if the time is right to do something else with the ashes.  Until then these urns can keep the ashes safely at home without you having to explain your reasons to anyone, if someone admires the photo it is up to you whether you tell them or not.

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