Simple White Biodegradable Urns

  • Simple white biodegradable urns
  • Delicate violet and yellow flower petals inlaid
  • Suitable for natural burial.
  • Two lovely designs


Natural Burial Urns for Ashes

These simple white biodegradable urns have delicate violet and yellow flower petals inlaid in the paper and are suitable for natural burial.  Once buried in the ground the urn will degrade naturally. The time taken to biodegrade will depend upon local soil conditions.

They come in two designs, with a matching photo frame:

Purity – Rectangular in shape with distinctive pressed flowers

  • Capacity 3.44 litres
  • Dimensions 17.14cm x 24.13cm x 14cm
Simplicity – Oval in shape with subtle pressed flowers.
  • Capacity 3.90 Litres,
  • Dimension 9.5cm x 20.9cm x 25.4cm

100% Biodegradable

These beautiful urns are specifically designed for burial, you can feel totally reassured that by placing your loved one’s ashes into the urn and then burying it, it will start to naturally biodegrade allowing the gentle release of ashes back into the soil.

These products have gained a 3 leaf award from the American Green Burial Council.

For help with finding a natural burial ground see the Natural Death Centre’s list of natural burial grounds

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