Memorial Glass Ocean Wave

Ashes within a wonderful glass sculpture – a wonderful and and subtle way to remember someone.




You can add an engraving to this glass piece


We really love these new ocean inspired ashes into glass memorial waves.  As with all our memorial glass ornaments they are handmade in Devon by craftsmen with years of experience.

They come in a choice of three different oceans: Atlantic which is a dark blue, Pacific which is blue, and Tropic which is light blue. The ashes are mixed into the foot of the memorial ornament during the hot glass making process.

They are a subtle and stunning ornament for any room, allowing you to keep you loved one close. These are ideal for lovers of the sea, from sailors to surfers from divers to fishermen, if your loved one had a passion for the ocean then what better choice. Particularly if you have chosen to scatter them at sea, you could keep just a little bit back and have the ashes blown into glass. You could even collect a little sand from the beach too if you choose to scatter from the shore.

Average dimensions: 
As each is handmade they do vary in size slightly, however, on average the measurements are 30cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 20cm (D)

If you choose a memorial one of these unique ashes into glass pieces you will be sent a pack so you can send us a small amount of ashes, these will then be hand-blown into a unique piece. You can also have it engraved please just specify your requirements on the order form that is enclosed in the pack, we can then let you know how much this will be.

Your memorial ocean wave will then be sent securely to you, the whole process takes between 8 to 10 weeks. If you do have an urgent order why not consider a gift voucher instead – Gift Voucher

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Blue (Pacific), Dark Blue (Atlantic), Light Blue (Tropic)


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