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Handmade Pottery Urns – Pottery Urn Handmade in Devon

Handmade Pottery urns. These fabulous urns are made by a really talented potter here in Devon who will lovingly make a beautiful pottery  urn for your loved one’s ashes.

The potter was born and raised in Africa which she feels is the reason behind her vibrant use of colour. We love them because each one has so much character, they would look brilliant in any home.

Each urn has a either a removable head or a stopper in the base so that you can put the ashes inside – we can do that for you if you wish – the head will also act as a stopper so that the ashes are held securely inside.


  Height Width Depth
Cat 14-18cm 8-12cm 8-12cm
Dog 15-20cm 8-12cm 8-12cm
Hare 20-25cm 8-12cm 8-12cm


As each urn is handmade we cannot guarantee the capacity of each urn but they will NOT hold a the ashes of an adult only a keepsake amount.

Having a handmade urn is not only wonderful because it is completely unique to you and your loved one, but it can also be quite therapeutic process, we’re very happy to put you in touch with the potter herself if you would like us to.

For Delivery information please click here.  As each urn is handmade so please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.

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