Water Burial Urns

Water Burial Urns

Water burial urns: If you are planning a water burial these water urns are perfect, you place the 100% biodegradable water urns into the river, lake or sea and they will either float for a few minutes before sinking slowly into the water, or submerge straight away.

Floating Water Urns

These urns are perfect if you want to say a few words or prayers, maybe scatter some flowers or petals onto the water, After a few minutes – the amount of time will depend on the water conditions, the weather, and the type of urn – the urn will gently submerge dissolving and releasing the ashes into the water.

Water Urns that Submerge Quickly

Urns that sink into the water are perfect if you want the ashes to go into the water at a specific location or if you want to commit the ashes to water at the end of your ceremony.

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    Hindu Ceremony Set – Ashes into Water


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