Scatter Tubes - Widest Range of Designs and Sizes

Scatter Tubes. We stock the widest range of scatter tubes in different designs and sizes, beautifully presented, with guidance, free next day delivery.

Practical and affordable they are ideal for the scattering of cremation ashes in a dignified ceremony.

Scattering tubes come in a range of different sizes. We have a large size which is suitable for the ashes of two adults*. Our standard size is 240 cubic inches and is suitable for one set of adult ashes. You can split the ashes and have two small scatter tubes. Or you can divide the ashes amongst friends and family with either our mini (25 cubic inches) or keepsake (4 cubic inches).

All of our range come with full instructions and the tubes are easy to seal and use.

Tubes are also the best urn to use if you are travelling abroad by plane as they can be scanned and carried easily on board. Please see our blog for details of all the major airline policies on travelling with ashes.

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