Companion Urns

Companion Urns

Companion urns are designed to hold two sets of ashes. You can choose to keep the ashes separate, each urn comes with two ashes bags, or you can combine them together, the choice is yours.

Many of the urns can be personalised with an engraving on a brass or steel plaque or you can have an inscription put directly onto the urn. The engraving or inscription can be put on the front of the urn or you can choose to have it somewhere more discreet so that only you know what is inside. The choice is yours.

There are wooden urns for keeping in the home, water urns for a water ceremony, biodegradable urns for natural burial and garden sculptures and sundials for keeping the ashes in the garden.

The wooden urns, garden sculptures and sundials have the additional benefit of being transportable so that the ashes can moved if required – this is important if the home or garden is sold at any point – and handed down to future generations of the family.

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  • Memorial ashes companion two person 4 person

    Memory Stone Companion Pedestal

  • Companion Garden Memorial Sculpture Petal

    Companion Garden Memorial Sculptures: Petal™

  • Journey WaterUrn Navy

    Journey Water Urn

  • Water Ceremony Set

    Companion Water Ceremony Set

  • Deluxe water ceremony set

    Deluxe Companion Water Ceremony Set

  • Carved Memorial Stone Sundial: Devon

    Companion Garden Sundial: Devon Range

  • Ceramic companion urn

    Double Yin Yang Style Urn – Ceramic Companion Urn

  • Two person water urn

    Biodegradable Deep Water Shell Urn

  • Handmade wooden Two person Ashes Urn Burial

    Wistman – Companion Natural Burial Urn

  • Garden Memorial Sculpture: Pyramis

    Garden Memorial Sculpture: Companion Pyramis™

  • ashes cremation urn handmade wood urn double size

    Bearacleave – Companion Urn

  • Wooden Handmade Companion Urn

    Pullabrook – Wooden Companion Urn


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