Ashes Ceremony

Ashes Ceremony.

Ashes Ceremony. What do you do with the ashes? The cremation is over and the funeral director has called and asked you to pick up the ashes. Do you take home the urn from the crematorium / funeral directors? Do you buy an urn that is temporary until you decide what you want to do? Do you buy a permanent urn for the home or garden? Do your family want to do something else with the ashes?

We have lots of help and advice to guide you through all the different aspects of making a decision about what to do with the ashes. You may want to split them and give some to family so that they can do something that is memorable for the relationship they had with your loved one. You may want to take some to a favourite holiday destination.

You may wish to hold a separate ceremony with friends and family, perhaps some people couldn’t make it to the funeral, a few months down the line the things you want to say may have changed.

Let us help us create the perfect ashes ceremony for you and your family.

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