ashes into jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery

You can keep your loved one close to you forever by having a token amount of ashes put into a beautiful piece of memorial jewellery. Choose from hollow silver pendants or have the ashes incorporated into glass, silver or birthstones.

Ashes into Jewellery. We have a beautiful range of silver, gold and ashes into jewellery that is designed to contain some of your loved one’s ashes. By turning ashes to jewellery you can keep your loved one with you forever. They make beautiful sympathy gifts as well as heirloom pieces that can be handed down the generations.

We have two types of ashes into jewellery:

Ashes into Charm Jewellery, this is where the ashes are held in a secure compartment or charm, there are silver, gold and titanium options, they all come with easy to use kits for safe transferal of the ashes. This can be done by you at home, by your funeral director or for a small fee we can seal the ashes securely for you here in the UK.

Ashes into Silver or Glass Jewellery, we send you a pack which has everything you need to send to your loved one’s ashes securely to us. We then use talented jewellers to turn the ashes into glass pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings or rings. The jewellers are based here in the UK, and they will hand-make your ashes jewellery and then return it to you in a beautiful presentation box.

All the jewellery is very discreet so you can tell people if you want to or just be comforted in the knowledge that they are with you when you need them.

Jewellery makes a wonderful gift and we also have gift vouchers.

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