Ashes Charms

Ashes Charms

Ashes charms. You can put a small amount of ashes into a 925 Silver charm. You are able to have your loved one’s ashes with you always. Ashes charms are brilliant as you can hang them on necklaces, chains or bracelets.

We send each ashes charm with a kit so that you can transfer the ashes safely at home.

If you prefer we can seal the ashes securely for you.

If you choose our ashes sealing services we will send you everything you need to send a small amount of ashes securely to us.

We do have a wide range of stunning silver chains if you want to wear the charm as a necklace, see our pendant here. We also have other silver and vermeil gold memorial jewellery here.

Choosing the right jewellery for you can be tricky, we have a guide that will help you here.

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  • Ashes-into-Pandora-Charm Pink

    Pandora Style Ashes Charm Beads

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  • Pandora Heart Ashes Charm

    Silver Pandora Heart Ashes Charm

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  • Charms on a bracelet - Ashes Jewellery

    Hollow Silver Ashes Charms

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  • memorial ashes charm

    Memorial Ashes Charms for Bracelet or Pendant

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  • Pandora Petite Elements Style Heart

    Pandora Petite Elements Style Heart for Floating Locket

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  • silver pandora charm - Ashes into Jewellery UK

    Silver Pandora Charm for ashes

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