Ceremony Accessories

Ceremony Accessories. Planning an ashes ceremony? We have lots of ideas, services and products that can help you create a truly memorable ceremony.

We have natural flower petals that you scatter over water or land whilst you say some words or recite a poem or verse. We have wildflower seeds so that you can plant a living memorial that will be good for the local butterflies and bees.

We have toasting cups so that you can say a final cheers to your loved one, this works really well with friends and family gathered at a scattering ashes ceremony.

You can have doves released at the same time as you place the ashes into the water which many people find extremely poignant.

We can provide you with a set that is appropriate to what you doing, so our burial set includes a 100% biodegradable urn, invitations so that you can let people know the ceremony details, Promises Notelets, Petals, Guidebook, Certificate and Order of Service.

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