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Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy Presents – a way to show you care.

Sympathy Presents

We know that it can be hard to talk about bereavement. It is the time when you really want to show that you care, that you are there and will continue to be there. When someone close is grieving it can sometimes be hard to get the words right. There is lots advice from some fantastic organisations that we have linked to at the bottom of the page.

You can try to offer simple help. Offer to take them on a country walk, or look through a photo album, or share some memories. Nobody is saying that it is easy, but you can show them you care with your patience.

Sympathy Presents

It can be helpful to show someone who has lost a loved one that you remember their loss, a small sympathy gift can show them that you know that it is not easy, that you have not forgotten the grief they are experiencing, that you are still there for them for as long as they need you.

We have some really beautiful ashes into jewellery pieces that make perfect sympathy gifts. We have solid silver necklaces and bracelets that come with an easy-to-use kit so you can transfer the ashes safely at home.  All our cremation jewellery will ensure that you can keep a small amount of ashes with you whenever to need to, whether that is every day or simply on occasions when you need them close by.

Solid Silver Cremation Jewellery

We have a range of solid silver cremation pendants that come with a kit so that you put the ashes into the hollow pendants and look really stunning. They are completely discreet, you can tell people that they contain ashes or you can wear it knowing that nobody will be able to tell what’s inside. We have a plain range which includes a heart, a heart with footprints, a teardrop, a mini-teardrop, a round, a cross and a cylinder, the cylinder is popular for men. We also have an etched range with a heart and cylinder.

We also have a gorgeous sweetie style charm bracelet, we pair it with either our round or heart charm but you can choose from any of the pendants or even one of the charms from our pet range at the My Pets Ashes site.

Ashes to Glass

We have a range of ashes to glass jewellery and ornaments that can incorporate a small amount of ashes. If you order we will send you one of our ashes packs that has everything you need to send a small amount of ashes (about a teaspoon per item) safely to us. Our Pandora style charm beads make excellent sympathy gifts and come in a range of colours and finishes.

Keepsake Urns

A keepsake urn can hold a small amount of ashes and be kept discreetly in the home. We have cloisonne and brass hearts which are a popular choice.

Bereavement Help

Bereavement Advice Centre – helping someone who is grieving

The Compassionate Friends – run by parents who have lost a child for parents who have lost a child

Cruse – telephone support manned over Christmas

For more general help on bereavement please see our advice page.

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